Fairytale Retelling Reading Challenge!

(Unless you are Snow White)_thumb[3]

I’ve decided to take part in the Fairytale Retelling Reading Challenge hosted by The Daily Prophecy. I’ve never done a reading challenge before (Obviously, as this is my first ever book blog) but I thought this would be one I could start with because I love Fairy Tale Retellings! The Lunar Chronicles  has been on top of my TBR ever since I read the summary. Also Happy Ever After  by Adele Geras is one of my favourite books.

There are 6 different levels we can aim for:
-Prince Charming: 1 – 4 books.
-Magic mirror: 5 – 9 books.
-Big bad wolf: 10 – 15 books.
-The wise princess: 16 – 20 books.
-Wicked fairy Godmother: 21 – 25 books.
-Bluebeard:  26+ books.

I’m aiming for Magic Mirror 🙂

Here’s a list of books I am considering reading for the challenge:

The Lunar Chronicles


Of Beast And Beastly


Stitching Snow


Sisters Red


And maybe some more!

I’m really excited to take part in this and I encourage all of you to participate too!

Here’s where I’ll post my progress:


1. Sisters Red by Jaskson Pearce


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