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Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems I Have

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme conducted by The Broke and Bookish. This is the first one I’m ever doing. How exciting! 😛

1. When the cover of the book changes in the middle of the series.
Especially for books like Across The Universe. Was it really necessary?!

2. When the cover of any part of the book gets bent or damaged.
This literally makes me cry. This one time someone tried their pen out on the cover of my Half Blood Prince book.  I wanted to kill them.

3. When the movie totally ruins the book.
Prime Example: Percy Jackson. The book is this kick-ass awesome adventure with these really great characters. The movie is a waste of time – they killed the story and Percy has no personality. Where’s that hilarious 12 year old we all fell in love with?!

4. When people compare books which aren’t even related in. any. way.
The Hunger Games isn’t The Uglies. Twilight isn’t Harry Potter with vampires. THEY’RE ALL SO DIFFERENT – READ THE DAMN BOOK FIRST!!!

5. How expensive physical books are.
I love reading physical copies of books but I can’t because they’re too pricey first hand. I don’t mind reading second hand books but the second hand bookshop near my house sells books with pages ripped out and random parts missing. Because of this, I have to read more e-books than physical copies.

6. Cracked spines.
When I or any of my friends crack the spines of any of my paperbacks, it is the worst thing ever.

7. When books end at a cliffhanger.
Especially Rick Riordan’s endings. They make me hate him. Even though he’s one of my favourite authors.

8. When books are really hyped up and it doesn’t live up to the hype.
I was really excited to read The Maze Runner trilogy and I was so so disappointed. It isn’t terrible, but I was expecting it to be wayyy better.

9. When people bash your favourite book.
I hate it when people bash books I like! I want to kill them. But I can’t because I’ll be jailed or something. I mentally kill them though, if that counts.

10. When bookshops don’t sell the book you want.
This is the worst thing ever. Why have a bookshop when you don’t have the books people want?


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