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Too Many Books?

In my opinion, there is no such thing as having too many books. There are millions, maybe even billions of books all over the world available in several formats.

I recently moved houses and we’re in the process of unpacking all of the cartons. I have four cartons of books. FOUR WHOLE CARTONS.

In my previous house, I kept my books in a cupboard. Everything fit well, all the books had their own place. In this house, I have a bookshelf. It looks tiny from the front but it’s very deep. So I can fit in a lot of books but only a few can be displayed. The problem that has risen is that all of my books don’t fit. And we’ve just opened three cartons so far. The last one is massive.

Since I can’t possibly fit all my books in the book shelf, my parents have decided that I must give some books away. We’ve located a second hand bookshop about 20 minutes away from our new house and they’re planning to sell some of my books.

I need to now organize my bookshelf and choose which books to sell off. *sigh*

I don’t want to give any way!!!


2 thoughts on “Too Many Books?

  1. No such thing as too many books. I have switched to ebooks in year 2011 and never looked back since. Now all of my hundreds of books fit in a tiny sd card the size of my thumbnail 🙂


    1. I’m slowly making the switch too. There just isn’t enough place for physical books! I’m going to miss the smell of physical books. Ebooks smell like my phone (basically of nothing).

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