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I haven’t blogged in a while. The reason for that is that I’m in the midst of my finals but the other reason is that I’ve spent all of my free time in the past four days (we had study leave) reading the last five books of the Vampire Academy series. I’m in love with it. Ever since I read Twilight, which I detested, I’ve been reluctant to read a vampire book. Last year, when the Vampire Academy movie came out, I went to see it with a few of my friends. I liked it but one of my friends who had read the book said the book was better. The rest of my friends hated it. I finally gave in to her and read the first book in February – I enjoyed it but I didn’t feel like continuing the series then. Then last week I marathon-ed the rest of the series. It is brilliant.

“They Suck At School” - what an appropriate caption!

The vampires in this series are very different from the ones in Twilight. There are three types of vampires – Moroi, Strigoi and dhampir. The Moroi have special magical ability and they constitute the vampire government. The dhampirs protect the Moroi and the Strigoi are the evil vampires who kill Moroi for blood or convert them to Strigoi.
This is a very basic summary of the vampires. The first book mainly describes the world and the fake vampire mythology which comes into place in the later books so I suggest not judging the series based on the first book. The second book introduces us to the main characters who play important roles in the rest of the series. I suggest reading the first two books before deciding whether you want to read the entire series.

The Characters:

With a book series that has six books, I think it’s quite important that you like the characters. Who would want to waste time reading six books about characters they don’t like or care about? Thankfully, I loved the main characters from the start and hated the antagonists.
Rose Hathaway, from whose point of view the book is written, has a strong voice. She’s funny, she’s sassy, she’s sarcastic – she is a fantastic narrator. She is very  slightly conceited. She repeatedly reminds the readers about how she’s prettier than other girls and how hot she looks – while being self-confident is great, Rose is just plain arrogant. Still, her other qualities of loyalty and selflessness redeem her character.
Lissa Dragomir is the other main character – she isn’t as strong as Rose and at times, she isn’t as good a friend, but she’s there for Rose when she needs her.
Adrian Ivashkov was a fast favourite of mine. Though he’s seemingly only a  lazy pretty face, he’s an absolute sweetheart. He’s kind and sweet and lovely. His sense of humour never failed to amuse me.
Christian is a bit sketchy in the start but we grow to love him by the second book. Eddie Castile probably showed the most character development through the books (the reason for this is a bit of a spoiler).
Dimitri Balikov isn’t who I’d picture as the love interest of someone like Rose – she’s the stereotypical bad girl and he’s the good guy (till book 4!!). I liked their witty banter. I think they have a great relationship but for some reason, I just never really fell in love with Dimitri.

The Plot:

The story revolves around mainly these six characters and the things that happen to them whilst in the Vampire Academy. After the fourth book, however, the setting of the book changes from the school to the Royal Vampire Court. All Moroi have some magical ability related to either earth, wind, water or fire. Lissa has a special ability known as spirit which is extremely rare which is why not a lot is known about it. We learn about spirit and it’s various abilities and other spirit users as the series goes on.
That’s all I can say, really, without giving away much of the story. I intended to do a review on each book but it was so good that I just kept reading. So if I start on the plot, I’ll spoil it for you!!

The Writing:
Lissa and Rose share this bond which enables Rose to see what Lissa sees and feel what Lissa feels. This enables the readers to see what is going on in the places where Rose isn’t physically present which in turn allows the reader to understand what is happening in different places simultaneously. Like I said earlier, Rose is a fantastic narrator and I thoroughly enjoyed reading from her point of view. She’s hilarious. The dialogue in all six books is fantastic.
The books are very action-packed and there’s not a single dull moment. There are a couple of highly unexpected plot twists. In the last book, there is some speculation over a murder and people try to find out the murderer – that was the only plot twist I figured out. I had my assumptions about the murderer and they turned out to be true. My friend who read the book as well said that it was very unexpected for her so maybe I’m just extra intelligent. Jokes. xD

I thoroughly enjoyed my marathon of this series. What made it even better is that all six books happen within a very short timeframe so reading them in continuation was a lot of fun. My favourite of the lot was the fifth book, Spirit Bound. It’s full of action and I did not expect a lot of things that happened. It took me by surprise.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”
This statement is proved by this series – some of the best books with the worst book covers.

They're hideous, aren't they?

Don’t be put off by these covers, like Christine said, “It’s not about floating heads!”

I definitely recommend this book to all readers who enjoy Vampire books or fantasy books in general. I’m quite late on this bandwagon but if you aren’t on it yet, you should definitely get to it!

There’s a spinoff six book series called Bloodlines and I’m halfway through the first book. I’m currently in the middle of the most important exams of my life (so far). I have a problem.


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