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Review: Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher.

This book has one of the most beautiful covers. That, along with the fact that Tom Fletcher’s wife wrote this book were the main reasons for my picking it up. I had high expectations of it, considering the fact that it has got mostly positive reviews but I was quite disappointed by it.


Name: Billy And Me
Author: Giovanna Fletcher
Genre: Romance
Rating: 2/5

The story revolves around a girl named Sophie who works at a café and how her life changes completely when she starts dating a very well known actor called Billy Buskin. It’s about how she copes up with being in Billy’s crazy life: the paparazzi, the gossip, the drama. I liked the concept of the book, it seems fun and fresh. But as the book progressed, I stopped liking where the story was going. It started getting a little bit boring. It starts off with a good pace and in the middle it just becomes less fun and less interesting.

This was Gi Fletcher’s debut novel. Keeping that in mind, the writing is quite good. Is it a literary masterpiece? No. But it is a lot better written than a lot of other contemporaries. The descriptions in the book were very good. The glamorous world of movies and fashion was depicted very well. The only issue was her constant use overuse of exclamation marks! After every sentence!

I liked the main character Sophie and how much she grew through the book, there was some serious character development from a shy softspoken girl to a more bold and independent woman. I didn’t particularly care for her back story and what made her sad and depressed, I thought it was quite overhyped and unnecessary. The only thing I liked about her was her relationship with Molly and their constant banter. That, I felt, was pure and genuine.

Billy, on the other hand, I had several issues with. In the start, he seemed like a sweet, romantic boy who would do anything to keep Sophie happy but he turned out to be quite different. I didn’t like how he treated Sophie in the latter half of the book, how he was oblivious to her discomfort with his job. He didn’t redeem himself in my eyes by the end of the book but oh well, he’s not my husband so all’s well!

For the most part, the characters were dull, boring and had no depth and i really didn’t like them at all.

The romance between Sophie and Billy was very insta-lovey and I don’t really like love stories like that. They fell in love far too quickly and took things too fast. Before they could even know each other properly, they were living together! I really didn’t like it!!

Overall, I didn’t really like this book. I wanted to, honestly but I just couldn’t. I definitely won’t be picking up anything by Gi Fletcher anytime soon.


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