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Books I’d Like To See As TV Shows

Book to Movie adaptations are great but sometimes I feel like when books are made into TV shows, you get to know the characters better, you get to see all the plots and subplots unfold better. These are some books I think would do well as TV shows!

Vampire Academy


This flopped as a movie but I think it would be a brilliant TV show, there are a lot of books, lots of characters. As a TV show I think it would do really well. Rose would be such a badass. Lissa all high and mighty. As a TV show, a lot more of the actual Vampire Academy could be shown which would be great!

The Mortal Instruments / The Infernal Devices


Yes I know this is soon becoming a TV show and I think it’ll be so great!! The plot can unfold slowly and so beautifully as a TV show, it’s going to be fantastic! I am so excited.

The Selection Series


I think this dystopian version of The Bachelor would do so so well as a TV show! If America Singer is a little less annoying, and we got more insight into Maxon and Aspen’s lives, it would be so much fun! I can just picture people rooting for Team Maxon and Team Aspen and it would be amazing.

Throne of Glass


I’ve only read the first book so far but from what I heard the rest of the series is just as awesome. I’d love to watch how this would unfold as a TV show! It would be so cool. We’d see Caelena being the total badass that she is, Dorian the dreamboat and Chaol and ughh it could be so goodddd.

Anna And The French Kiss Series


I think as a TV show, these books could be really good, I don’t know about Lola but Anna and Isla would be really fun to watch. The adventures they’d have in Paris, the love, the angst, the drama. We could probably see Rashmi and Josh’s fights in depth and understand why they broke up. Isla could have a better ending! Where she resolves her problems with Rashmi. It would be really fun to watch! Like a cutesy teenage drama, a younger version of Friends or something πŸ™‚

Main Street Series


I don’t know how many people have heard of this series but I have adored this series for a long time. I love all the characters and the story. It’s beautiful how everyone is so supportive. I think this would be more of a Disney show, if anything, each episode teaching a moral in a weird over the top way. I think I’d enjoy it. Main Street tackles a lot of serious issues as well which I think would be very beneficial for children to watch.

The Harry Potter Series


This is one book series whose movies were also equally brilliant but when I say I want a Harry Potter Tv show I mean more of a pre-Harry or post-Harry thing. I’d love a Marauders TV show or like a show about Harry and Ron’s children at Hogwarts and their adventures. It would be so good!!

What are some books you’d like to see as TV shows?


6 thoughts on “Books I’d Like To See As TV Shows

    1. Yessss that would be awesome!!! Can’t wait to see who would play Will. But I don’t know if any actor can live up to the idolized version of him in my head πŸ˜›

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