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Review: Unknown Sender by Ryan Lanz

Name: Unknown Sender
Author: Ryan Lanz
Genre: Horror, Mystery
Rating: 4.75/5

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I’m not one for horror, I stick to my fantasy and contemporary and remain content but this year, I wanted to read at least one horror story, you know, broadening my mind and all, and though this is a short story, it still counts, okay?! 😛 So when Ryan asked me to review this book, I agreed.

The Unknown Sender is about a girl, Jessica, who gets texts from a blocked ID reminding her about things she’d done in the past, telling her about the things she was currently doing. It’s like someone is watching her, telling her what to do. That initially gave me a very Pretty Little Liars type vibe. I thought, hey I’m not going to find out who A is anytime soon, might as well find out who the Unknown Sender is 😉 But seriously, I loved this story! From start to finish, it had me hooked.

The writing is fantastic, the story just flows like a stream of words, leaving you craving for more. I finished reading it in around 20 minutes, I just flew through it! The language is light and simple, easy to understand and easy to read, which I personally think is especially important for a short story.

Since the story was so short, we didn’t get to see the characters for long enough to form opinions about them Both protagonists were great and Lanz managed to show both of them, flaws and all within the numbered pages of the short story, which is commendable. The dialogue of the characters was light and fun, appropriate for girls their age.

The plot is a very unique one. Though I got a PLL vibe from it initially, it turned out to be very original (If PLL ends the way this story ended I’m going to have to punch something). When the identity of the “unknown sender” was revealed to us, I was shocked! I was not expecting the story to end that way! I didn’t catch any of the foreshadowing that occurred prior to the end, though thinking about it now, I think some people may be able to guess it… In any case, I wasn’t one of them! The suspense is brilliant.

I always thought the horror genre meant ghosts and devils trying to kill you in your sleep, this story was a pleasant surprise! I wasn’t terrified, which is great because I can’t afford to have nightmares right now, school keeps me busy enough without having to stay up all night thinking about how ghosts can come and I could die. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. If you’re someone who wants to read some horror, definitely pick this up! This is the perfect horror story for all horror and non horror lovers. Highly recommend to all! 🙂


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