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Review: Map To The Stars by Jen Malone


Name: Map To The Stars
Author: Jen Malone
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: 2.5/5


Author Jen Malone draws on her real-life experiences as a movie studio publicist to bring you an insider peek at love, Hollywood-style. 

The California dream was supposed to give seventeen-year-old Annie Shelton a fresh start far removed from her dad’s unusual betrayal. But when things don’t go according to plan in La La Land, Annie’s mom snags a last-minute gig as makeup artist to a teen movie idol and finagles a spot for her daughter on his European promotional tour.

Down-to-earth Annie would rather fangirl architectural sights than an arrogant A-lister. That is, until behind-the-scenes Graham Cabot turns out to be more sweetly vulnerable than she could have imagined. 

Too bad falling for a poster boy isn’t all red carpets and star treatment, especially when you factor in obnoxious fans, an overprotective assistant, a stage mom/manager, and a beefy bodyguard.

But it isn’t until the paparazzi make an appearance that things get really sticky…


The reason I was drawn to this book was how the name was written in the same style as TFIOS was. It’s nothing like TFIOS.

I picked this up to get me out of a reading slump, it seemed like a light fluffy contemporary to get me into reading again. While yes, it did work, I didn’t particularly enjoy this book. It wasn’t bad, it was very meh.

It’s about a girl named Annie who gets sucked into the glamorous world of Hollywood (although she didn’t want to be). After a “betrayal” by her father, Annie and her mother decided they needed to keep some distance from him.

Reading about Annie’s experiences in Hollywood was a lot of fun, how she tries to adjust to this big city after her life in her small town. BUT those experiences lasted for about one chapter because soon she and her mother are soon whisked off to assist superstar Graham Cabot with his makeup. As with every contemporary, this was very clichéd and the romance was very predictable, but for some reason, that has never stopped me from reading books like these. The book deals with the struggles Graham has to deal with to be with Annie even though his manager and publicist don’t think it’s good for his image. In the end he has to choose whether he’d rather have a good image as an actor or have Annie. You can guess what he chooses. 😉

The romance in this book bothered me a little in the start. The first encounter between Annie and Graham wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, it was more  thunder and hurricanes, actually. The second time they met, however, Graham apologized for his behaviour and said he’d like to see more of her as she was the one closest to his age. So basically, the only reason they hung out was because they were both there and had nothing better to do. That, according to me at least, is not the strongest foundation for what they seem to believe is undying love.

I didn’t like how Graham treated her like trash one moment and then apologized. That happened wayyy too many times. And Annie constantly made judgements about everyone and everything.

The side plot, and the reason any of this actually happened: the betrayal of her father. That issue was the one which I felt was properly resolved. We see the father genuinely being sorry for his mistakes, and trying to amend them and make things normal.

The end of the book is what I think upped it from a 1.75 to a 2.5. I thought it was the perfect ending. Yes it’s a little bit clichéd but no, I don’t really care. I loved it anyway! 😀

Though both characters had their flaws and there was next to no character development in this book till the last chapter, it is a nice, light fluffy contemporary. Perfect for a summer read, especially! With all the Europe and Hollywood scenes. If you like reading cutesy clichéd romances, be sure to pick this up!


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