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Discussion: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas

*mild spoilers throughout*




I loved Throne of Glass so much. It was a perfect book about someone hardcore like Celaena Sardothien (who is an assassin, how cool is that?) BUT we never see her kill anyone. I expected it to be super action packed and have lots of fighting and swords and battle and blood but we didn’t get much of that. This book, however was a whole different story. 

Crown of Midnight was more fast paced and action packed than Throne of Glass was, so much happened in it! I was never bored or put off by it, I wanted to keep reading it forever.

Throne of Glass was mostly focused on building the world, which was done beautifully, but Crown of Midnight was more focused on the characters and the plot. The amount of character development that took place in this book was phenomenal. Celaena has grown so much from what she was in the previous book. We get to see this different dimension to her character. We see why she’s Adarlan’s assassin, we see her heartlessly murder with no pity and it’s scary but still awesome.

We don’t see much of Dorian in this book which is sad because although I didn’t like him with Celaena, I did like him as a character. He, too, has grown a lot in this book. I’m very excited to see what happens next for him. How does he conceal his powers from his father? Does he learn how to control them? Why does he have these powers?

Let’s talk about the romance, shall we? Chaol and Celaena finally happened. I had been rooting for them, Celaena needs someone like him to calm her down and keep her under control and Chaol needs someone wild to help him out of his comfort zone and they’re both so lovely together. However, since I read this after reading Assassin’s Blade, Chaol is no Sam. The Chaolena moments in this book though.


Plotwise, there was always so much happening in this book! It was so fast paced and action packed and just brilliant!

Nehemia’s death hit me so hard and I was sobbing and sobbing. I did not expect Celaena to break down like she did! Did anyone blame Chaol for keeping it from her? I don’t, I don’t think he knew she was going to die. Archer Finn is someone I wanted dead so bad and I was so happy when Celaena gave him what he deserved and chopped his head off. It was awesome.

OHMYGOD the ending. I did not see that coming! There was so much foreshadowing about the Fae community, now that I think about it but I never noticed. Does this mean Celaena is  full Fae or half-Fae? I don’t know but I’m so excited for Heir of Fire!

I need to know what happens in Wendlyn before Queen of Shadows comes out and I get spoiled.

What did you think of Throne of Glass? Did you like it? Hate it? Has it changed you to Team Chaol?


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