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September Selections

I think I’ve done a fair bit of reading so fat this year. My goal was 50 books which I smashed by around April so I increased the number to 100 which I have no clue whether I reached or not. I lost track somewhere along the way. Whoops. I’ll keep track properly next year! I’m really curious to see how many books I can read!

Though I’ve read a lot this year, I haven’t yet picked up several books that were on my initial 2015 TBR. Year month that is going to change. Here is a list of a few books I really want to finish by the end of this month. Why am I posting it on here, you ask? I never do TBRs, I just read what I feel like when I feel like, really,  but I think if I put it on the internet, it’ll serve as motivation for me to complete these books soon.
Without further ado, let me reveal the books I want to read this September.


Eleanor and Park

All The Bright Places

A Court of Thorns and Roses


Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Miss Mayhem (re-read)

Just One Year

I wonder how many books I’ll actually be able to complete. Hope I can finish these!


4 thoughts on “September Selections

  1. If you want a great way to keep track of how many books you want to read the website Goodreads, has a tracker for the year that tells you how many books you’ve read, what percent of your goal that is, and even how many books behind you are.

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    1. I have a goodreads account and a goal number of books to read. I just never update it 😛 and then there are so many books I might miss some so its very unorganized. I’ll make more of an effort to keep track next year!

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