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Random Ramble: Contemporary Literature

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I read a lot of young adult contemporary.

Contemporary novels are a lot easier to relate to than fantasy or horror or paranormal because they’re all set in the real world and contain completely human characters. It’s rare to read a contemporary book and go, “I can’t think of anyone who reminds me of this character.”

Young Adult contemporary is a genre that I love to indulge in. Reading about other teenagers in books and how they deal with similar situations to mine is a great learning experience. A lot of YA contemporary deals with romance and love because that’s what we like to read about. There are very few people who don’t enjoy a good romance. YA contemporary isn’t all cutesy and fluffy though. If you’re under this impression then you are highly mistaken. A major reason for my loving YA is that it shows you how to react to certain situations in life. The realistic setting, the relatable characters, it’s all for learning. YA deals with a lot of dark themes. Death, drugs, alcoholism, dealing with loss, depression – all these and a lot more are dealt with through YA. It’s a lot more interesting to read, through a story, about dark themes such as these. Through stories you learn how to deal with big problems like these which, I personally feel is better than being given a pamphlet or a booklet from school. 

Another reason contemporary YA is brilliant is that so many different authors from different parts of the world write books on it so that you get to virtually exist in different places, know people from different countries and continents, learn about the culture and traditions of different people in other parts of the world. One of my aspirations in life is to write a young adult book set in my country, India, depicting India in it’s truest form.

I once read somewhere that adults read for enjoyment but children read for experience. I will never be able to grow up in America or UK or Spain or Hogwarts, but the beauty of Young Adult Contemporary is that it allows me to experience things I won’t be able to, all whilst sitting in my bedroom in India. I’ve fallen in love, cried over deaths, laughed, giggled, swooned, frowned, felt all the feels, if you will, while reading about children like me facing problems like mine and getting through their lives. It’s inspiring to see characters, such as myself, grow. YA has taught me that I will be faced by several adversities in my life but it’s up to me to sit and cry about it or decide to make a difference.

Though I love fantasy, they’re more of am escape from reality while contemporary is more of a guidebook on dealing with reality.

So this is why I love contemporary and will probably never stop reading contemporary. Do you enjoy contemporary novels? Let me know in the comments!


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