In another hour, I will be 16. Scary. When I was younger, my best friend and I used to have these fantasies about being really cool 15-16 year olds, popular, with nice hair and clothes, loads of friends, basically having the time of our lives. Is that what happened? Not so much. But does that mean I haven’t enjoyed my teenage as much? Not at all! I spent my teen life meeting friends who I’m going to have for life, reading the best books, watching some amazing movies, listening to some fantastic songs. It’s been wonderful! There are ups and downs to being a teenager, as there are pros and cons to everything, but that doesn’t make the ride any less fun. 


Wow. My fifteenth year of life was one of my biggest years for several reasons. I can’t believe it’s over already.
It started off with an amazing day with my best friends who gave me a mini movie of them all wishing me and saying lovely things. Then came my early admission test into one of the best schools in the city. Guess what? I got in! We then had a farewell party at school where I WORE A SARI! for the first time!! Then came the biggest exams of my life (so far), the ICSE. Every Indian child’s nightmare. After the exams I went back to the city I lived in before the one I currently live in and met some of my best friends after around two years! Then my new school began. I made some friends, studies were going okay and then came the best two weeks of my life: the student exchange to the Netherlands. It was the best experience of my life. I had never felt so happy, so alive, than I did during that trip! I still, whenever I feel down or low look through the pictures. It was amazing. A while after that, I got my ICSE results and guess what? I ended up coming third in my school and won myself some money. It was the first money that I got on my own merit. I also got a trophy. It was definitely one of the highlights of my year: being given a prize by the Principal. Soon after, school began in full swing: I started doing miserably in class, felt very low and down, I was very sad for a long time. That was when my blog was also very inactive. Then I made friends, proper, genuine friends that I know, are going to be by my side, ten, twenty years from now. I’m not one to easily open up to people. Sure, I can talk to people but telling them about my life and my past, not happening! But the people I met this year have completely changed that. I always get this sense of belonging, when I’m around them and it feels great. Wonderful. Amazing. Warm. They helped me get over some of that sadness. I’m happier, because I’m surrounded by people that I love and that love me in return. I’m so, so thankful to have met people like them.

I’ve made some of the best friends, had some amazing memories in the last 365 days. My fifteenth year started off with people I rarely talk to anymore and ended with a bunch of people, who I’ve only known for a few months throwing me a surprise party at school. I felt loved. I felt happy.

And how did I spend the last few hours of being fifteen? I just watched Inside Out, warmed my heart, review coming soon. Only 40 minutes left now.

It’s strange how time changes. People change. How they react to times changes. Weird. Strange. Beautiful.

15 has been a big one. Hoping for the big 1-6 to be half as good.

Also: I’m born on the day the Hogwarts Express leaves. If Hogwarts could just hurry up with the letter, it’s already 5 years late. That would be great!


7 thoughts on “Reflecting.

  1. Happy birthday, Shotobhisha! Even though my 16th birthday wasn’t that long ago (I’ll be turning 20 in a couple of months, omg), it feels like ages for some reason. XD I’m happy to hear you’ve enjoyed your teenage years so far. Making friends in real life (and online) is the best! And Saris are so beautiful but they’re wicked hard to put on?? Me and my friends were discussing that a couple of weeks ago… Anyway, have a nice rest of the week!

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    1. Haha whoa you’re turning 20! :0 That’s so cool. You’re going to be done with being a teenager forever. Yes, friend making and friend keeping is the best! Saris look so elegant and beautiful on people, and putting it on isn’t hard, but I almost tripped 3 times that day. Walking in it is impossible. For someone as clumsy as me at least 😉

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    1. Thank you! You’re on time, haha but time zones so maybe its not September 1st where you are…? I don’t know. I hope it’ll be okay but I’ve never felt so unsure about what I want to do before this year. Hope it gets better 🙂
      Thanks again ❤

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      1. It’s not, yet, two more hours ’til your birthday in my country haha 🙂
        I understand the feeling, trust me. These years, around 15, 16, felt like this for me, too. Just remember that you’ll only be 16 once, enjoy, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You’re not entitled to do one thing, you can do plenty, and you still have time to figure everything out, one day at a time 🙂
        Have a great birthday!! 😀 😀

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      2. Thank you so much 🙂 Your words really are helping me. ❤ The people of the Blogosphere, like you, are just so nice. I'll try to enjoy my year 😉 Only sixteen once, I guess!

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