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This Song Will Save Your Life


Name: This Song Will Save Your Life
Author: Leila Sales
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Rating: 5/5

This Song Will Save Your Life is a contemporary novel about a girl named Elise who’s always been different from the rest of her peers. She likes different music, wears different clothes, she never fits in with the crowd. She stands out. But not in a good way. She’s picked on and bullied and it comes to a certain point when she’s had enough, she wants to end it all. And then she discovers Start. Start is a secret underground nightclub and also where Elise feels most at home, one with the music. She meets certain people there, Vicky, Pippa and the gorgeous DJ who seems to take an interest in her.

That’s all I can say without spoiling the story.

The characters in this story were wonderful. Elise was so beautifully portrayed as this girl, lost in this constant urge to be accepted. I related to her a lot. Vicky and Pippa and Mel and Char, all complement the story very well. They are all there for a purpose.

The family element in this story is always very nice. I love Elise’s relationship with her father and her mother and her mother’s second husband and their children. It broke my heart when Elise fought with them. Elise’s stepsister, in particular, looked up to Elise a lot and it was very sad to see her being hurt by Elise’s actions.

The romance in this story. Ahhh. I initially thought this was supposed to be a romance novel but boy, was I wrong! The romance is more realistic than in normal stories. I loved it. I loved how the relationship did not affect the story, or Elise and how she moved forward on her own terms and not because of a boy. I loved how things panned out in the end.

The amount of character development Elise goes through is incredible.

Music plays an important role in this story and all the songs mentioned in the story are listed in the end. I have a new playlist of songs to listen to now!

Now I’m going to spoil the story a little bit, so read on only if you’ve read the book or just want to be spoiled. You should definitely read the book though! It’s amazing!

This book hit me hard. I related so much to this book, it is unreal.

Elise is, so far, the only character I’ve read of, who acknowledges the fact that she wants attention. She wants love. She wants to fit in. And that’s not, in any way, a bad thing. She cuts, in the beginning, as a prep for her impending suicide and it was so sad and I teared up a little bit.

The first time we met Char, I genuinely thought he was a nice guy. And then, as the story progressed, I realised he’s not that Prince Charming we all hoped for. He’s a douche. I loved how she ended things with him. It was great. He was so irritating. More drama than he was worth.

When Elise broke her sister Alex’s poetry castle, I had a little cry, going to be honest. She had good intentions but how she went through with them was not the best. It was so sad when Alex found out and she confronted Elise and ughh. Broke my heart.

The bullying issue. This was one of the best resolved ones in the book. Leila Sales is probably one of the first authors to understand that bullying does not stop when parents talk to teachers or teachers talk to students. In fact, that only intensifies it. Bullying stops when students talk to students. When popular kids threaten bullies. For some reason, thats scarier to us high schoolers than teachers or parents.

The one part which really, really got me was this:

“You know that you’re supposed to cut down to kill yourself, right? You did it wrong.”
I looked at Emily and thought about what would have happened if I’d cut the other way. Or what wouldn’t have happened. Char wouldn’t have broken up with me. Alex wouldn’t be mad at me. Pippa wouldn’t hate me.
And I would never have met Vicky. I would never have had my first kiss. I would never have worn rhinestone pumps. I would never have heard Big Audio Dynamite. I would never have discovered Start. I would never have known I could be a DJ.
Emily Wallace didn’t know what she was talking about. She never had.
You did it wrong, she said.
“No,” I said to her. “I didn’t.”

So beautiful.

On the cover, the letters L O V and E are highlighted and the book is about love but it’s more familial love and friendship than romantic love. I really enjoyed that.


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