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Fantasy is a genre that a lot of people adore. Maybe for an escape, for a look at how authors imaginary worlds or just to enjoy some good writing! I love fantasy, I have for as long as I can remember. It all started with Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree Series, wonderful books those are! There’s something about magic and the supernatural that really sucks me in. I love reading about places that don’t exist or about a dystopian world and I don’t know why! My favourite type of fantasy books are the ones set in the earth (low fantasy I think they’re called) because they’re usually easier to read and the dialogue is usually like our normal day’s speech.

Here is a list of some of the best fantasy books I’ve read so far!

Vampire Academy


I’m not a big vampire lover because of Twilight but when I say this series is good, you should take
my word. Full of action and drama and passion, it’s a wonderful journey!

Rebel Belle


I’ve spoken about this book way too much already on my blog. I love it. It’s hilarious. Read it.

The Faraway Tree Trilogy


Though these are children’s books, I really enjoyed them as a child and till date, whenever I read them, it makes me feel happy and warm inside. If you missed out on this magic as a child, definitely give this a go!

The Wrath and the Dawn


Good god, this book was amazing! A very interesting plot and setting seeming to be devoid of magic and the like but don’t be fooled. This is going to be one hell of a series!

Throne of Glass


The only high fantasy book I’ve read and loved. Celaena’s character is fantastic. The world is beautiful. Sarah J Maas is doing things right!

The Ruby Red Series


This was originally a German book series now translated to English so the language is a bit messy at a few places but the awesomeness of the story hides everything else. These are wonderful stories and this series is great.

Harry Potter


You should have seen this one coming. All I’m saying is that if you like fantasy and haven’t read the Harry Potter series you need to stop whatever you’re doing and go read it! It’s about time. And if you don’t, my father will hear about this. (Sorry I just had to do that)

Fantasy books usually come in series. Sometimes it works, like in The Infernal Devices and sometimes it doesn’t like in The Selection series. There are very few stand alone fantasy books because it’s probably harder to fit in vivid descriptions of the world along with the plot of the story. I haven’t read a lot of fantasy stand alone books. If you know of any good ones, please tell me in the comments! Thanks 🙂


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