Goodbye Percy Jackson.

It’s over.
The last page of Blood of Olympus has been turned.
No more Percy.
I’ve been reading the Percy Jackson series since the fifth grade, even before I read Harry Potter! I put off reading Blood of Olympus for several reasons: 1. I didn’t have it. 2. When I got it, I didn’t want to read it because I didn’t want my PJ adventures to end!
Percy Jackson has been a very big part of me. I’ve been emotionally attached to the series for 6 years! A lot of my personality, I owe to these beautiful books that teach us about love and life and loss. An important message which Percy Jackson’s story taught me was that heroism has no age. You could be a twelve year old and save the world or be a couple millennia old and be a douche. I grew up with these books and saying goodbye to such a vital part of my childhood is, hard.
Percy Jackson was the first boy (of many, many boys) that I fell in love with. I loved reading PJO because of him. Percy, his relationship with his mother, his adventures in and out of Camp Half Blood and of course, his sense of humor! A big reason for my liking funny books and funny characters in books is Percy Jackson. He was the first character that made me genuinely laugh out loud. I adore his narrative.
Percy Jackson has also piqued my interest in mythology. Not just Greek and Roman, all kinds of it. Myths and legends exist for a reason. They all teach lessons which we can still use.
While I did love Heroes of Olympus, there wasn’t as much Percy in it and there were no Percy chapters in the last one buuut anyway, it was nice seeing Percy with Annabeth, doing crazy things.
It’s crazy that I started adventuring with Percy when I was 10 and him 12 and my journey ends with me being sixteen and him seventeen, I believe..?
It’s been a wonderful journey and it makes me very sad to be saying goodbye. It’s not the end, though. I know that through the course of my life, I will come back to these books several times, for a laugh or for just for nostalgic reasons. Also, I’m looking forward to maybe seeing Percy and Annabeth in Magnus Chase’s adventures….?
Anyway, this is goodbye to Percy Jackson.
Thank you Rick Riordan, for everything.
Though I hate you for your cliffhanger endings sometimes, thank you for this wonderful journey.


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