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Book Notes

Do you take notes while reading books? I don’t. I get very into the the books I read so I often forget to take notes which is why my book reviews are a bit all over the place. I do however highlight the parts of the book I like and place scraps of paper or bookmarks so that I can find them when I want to.
Taking notes while reading is something reviewers should probably do so that they can pen down their thoughts and feelings whilst reading their books and so that they don’t forget how the book made them feel.
I was trying to write my Heir of Fire review but so much happened there that I was just confused as to what I should write and how because there were a lot of cool things that took place. Now I just finished Queen of Shadows, a 700 and something page book, and I don’t know how to write the review. I have so much to say but how do I say it?
I think I should start taking notes while reading. Do any of you take notes? Does it help with the reviews?


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