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The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen


4.75 stars

Pre reading Thoughts:
Another contemporary with so much hype and I’m probably going to be one the only people who doesn’t like it . . . also this title is so cheesy 😉

Post Reading Thoughts:

I loved this book! I expected it to either
a) a really sad book talking about grief and dealing with it which usually, unless written perfectly, is kind of boring
b) a fluffy light contemporary centred around the love plot

Sarah Dessen has managed to combine both of these in the perfect amounts to create this fantastically written, beautiful book. It had it’s sad parts that were balanced by the light, humorous parts. The writing style is excellent and easy to read. The way she described everything seemed so realistic. The characters, the places, the events that occurred, all seemed very believable and so it was easier to relate to.

The book revolves mainly around Macy, a girl who lost her father,  her mother spends a lot of time at work so most of the time she feels very lonely. Her boyfriend Jason goes away for the summer and she fills in for him at his job at the library where she’s miserable until one day she meets a catering business called Wish where she starts working. She meets some awesome people there and finally starts having fun. She also meets a boy named Wes who she really opened up to about her feelings and her emotions and then events ensue.

All the characters in the book were fabulous. Everyone at Wish was so nice and kind. They all seemed like very genuine people and I loved how they accepted Macy so easily into their little group, making no judgements about her. Kristy, in particular, I absolutely adored. I’d love to have a friend like her! Macy’s sister was also lovely, I really enjoyed the scenes she was in. Macy’s mother I was a bit iffy about in the start but she grew on me by the end of the book. And finally, the love interest, Wes. Wes was such a nice, sweet, caring, understanding person and I just loved him. He was so humble and down to earth and such a genuine person. It was so refreshing to have a nice boy as the love interest instead of a “bad boy” type.

The family dynamic in this book was portrayed beautifully. Macy’s strained relationship with her mother and how they got through it was nice. One scene that bothered me a little bit was when *spoiler* Macy and her mother and her sister had this big confrontation scene where her sister did all the talking. Macy just sat there and I was expecting her to finally express her emotions to her mother and she didn’t, that was a little bit anticlimactic and just a little frustrating to be honest. *spoiler ends*

I honestly loved this story so much, the setting, the characters, the writing, it was all so lovely and bittersweet. The ending, I felt, was a bit rushed. I’d have liked another 10 pages of just Macy and Wes being cute together. I definitely recommend!


10 thoughts on “The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

  1. I’m really, really happy you loved this, because, as you probably know, I adore Sarah Dessen’s work and this is my absolute favorite. Oh and Macy/Wes make some small cameos in Sarah Dessen’s other books. 😉 Dessen has a knack for dropping those small little treasure hunts in her books with recurring characters hidden in the background. It’s pretty fun to recognize them!

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    1. One of the reasons I picked it up was because you have raved about it a lot! 😉 oh my god, really?! I love it when authors do that! It’s so cool when multiple books occur in the same area around the same time so you can see the places and the people from other books. Kasie West does that too and it’s so much fun finding the people from the other books haha 😛

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      1. I thought so! But I didn’t want to think so presumptuously, haha. But I’m so glad you enjoyed this. And yes! That’s one of the coolest qualities about Sarah Dessen; she loves to recycle locations. Finding previously used characters are great fun for us, loyal readers. 😛

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