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Scarlet by Marissa Meyer


5 stars

Scarlet is a sequel to Cinder as a part of the Lunar Chronicles. Scarlet follows a girl named, you guessed it, Scarlet who lives with her grandmother at the outskirts of a village. One day, her grandmother goes missing. She soon meets a boy named Wolf who claims to be able to help her reunite with her lost grandmother.

This is, if you couldn’t tell by now, a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

The world in this book, oh god, I am in love with it. Such a unique concept. I loved learning about the politics of the world at that time, in the future. All the new continents and their relations with each other. It’s very intriguing to me. Everything is so modern and digital in their world and it baffles me to think that one day that will be us. 😮

What I loved about this book was that it wasn’t told solely from Scarlet’s point of view, a lot of it was from Cinder’s point of view and we even got to see what was happening with Prince Kai. I loved that we still get to follow those stories because I loved Cinder’s character and wanted to know what she was doing, after the last book ended.

Scarlet, as a character, I liked less than I liked Cinder but she’s still brave and courageous and smart. Wolf was so unpredictable and I didn’t see his betrayal coming! He was however, a lovely character to read about. But of all the characters we were introduced in this book, Captain Thorne sticks out like a sore thumb! He was brilliant, the perfect comic relief to the serious atmosphere. Lively and entertaining, he was like an older, less attractive version of Adrian Ivashkov (that’s how I pictured him in my head).

Cinder’s story continues right where it left off from, her escaping with criminal extraordinaire, Thorne. Hers and Scarlet’s stories intertwined beautifully. There was nothing forced about it. I loved how well they got along.

I’m really happy with how this series is turning out, I’m very excited to read Cress and then Fairest and then Winter. I wanted to be caught up before Winter was released but oh well, I’m still going to read it!

I highly recommend this series!


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