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Starwatch by Ian Blackport

Really love this cover!

3.75 stars

I was sent Starwatch by Ian Blackport for review a while back and it took me a while to get through it but I enjoyed it a lot.

This is an adult fantasy novel, the first one I’ve ever read. I went into the book thinking the tone would be more serious and it would be more violent than my usual young adult fantasy books. It was different, yes, but not less enjoyable. The writing of the book is brilliant, complementing the setting and the dialogue wonderfully. The setting gave me Throne of Glass vibes, which was awesome because I love those books! I loved how every chapter started off with a quote and the date. The months in this world are named differently so it was a little strange at first but a few chapters in, I got used to it. The dialogue was good, far more mature than in normal YA fantasies but more fitting in the situation.

The characters in this book were fantastic. I loved Cyriana. She was this fearless badass who was so strong and fun to read about. The thing is, I shouldn’t have liked her at all, because she was the thief, the “villain” of the story, but I just couldn’t help but really enjoy her story. The other characters I liked as well.

The plot was a little hard to follow at first, but after a while, I was flying through the book. Since there are a lot of characters, it got a little confusing at times, but once you get used to it, it’s fine. It starts off a little slow, what with the world building and introducing of the characters but it picks up pace quite quickly.

There are quite a few unexpected twists and turns in the story, which is always good. There is a big build up to this one day when the crime is supposed to happen, and the occurrences don’t fail to entertain!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book despite it being a little bit out of what I usually read. I recommend to people who like fantasy and are open to some adult fantasy. 🙂


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