Shadowhunters TV Show Discussion!

OHMYGOD IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!! 😀 I had pretty low expectations after the god awful movie so I was pleasantly surprised by this show! It’s stayed quite true to the book, I like the characters here far more than the ones in the movie. The visuals and the sound effects are quite mediocre, the steles and seraph blades look so cheesy but the overall essence of the Shadowhunter world definitely comes through.


Some things looked very different in the show – The Institute was very high-tech, Simon’s band is actually a two person band with another girl named Maureen (remember Maureen from the books?? Yeah, her. :o), Luke is a policeman, mundane blood is being drained :L – there are tons of little changes like that here and there but it’s still really cool.

The plot is flowing nicely so far, I’ve seen two episodes, nothing seems rushed. We haven’t been properly introduced to a lot of characters yet, like Magnus and even Luke!

Now I’m gonna talk in depth about the characters.



Jace is so…nice to Clary. In the books he’s so obnoxious and rude and treats anyone that’s not him like an annoyance but here he’s so affectionate towards Clary and it’s only been 2 episodes! He’s held her hand and picked her up and healed her and just, please stop being so nice, you’re supposed to be a jerkface 😦 Dominic Sherwood wasn’t what I pictured as Jace – I know it’s so cliché but I was hoping Alex Pettyfer could play him.  Or Austin Butler, even. But don’t get me wrong, I am liking Dom Sherwood so far. He has the cheesiest lines. “You have the sight” xD what even 😂 And the obnoxious Jace lines that he has aren’t delivered obnoxious enough. :[
So for me, Jace needs to be meaner, his lines need to be less cheesy and Dom’s acting was very mediocre. I loved him in Vampire Academy so maybe we’ll get there as the show progresses.



Kat McNamara is so gorgeous :O But I think Lily Collins suited the role, visually, better. She’s a wonderful actor, I really loved her scenes with Simon, they have wonderful chemistry. Her and Jace’s chemistry is a bit forced at this point. She’s less feisty and more submissive in the show. I just wish she was more strong here – which also I think we’ll get to as the show moves on.



So far, Simon is my absolute favourite. Alberto Rosende is so cute and he just feels very very Simon. His lines are on point and their delivery is just impeccable. Him and Clary feel like proper best friends. The movie Simon looked the part more but I think I like the show Simon better because he’s given far better lines and he acts them out beautifully.



Emeraude Toubia is absolutely stunning. Just. Wow. She’s meets her description perfectly. They show how she can’t cook, she’s very badass with her whip. She also, like Jace, was a lot less surly and rude and a little too welcoming and nice. I didn’t like when Izzy was used as a distraction when they went to Pandemonium in the first scene – Izzy would be the one killing every demon, not the one distracting them! But overall, I loved her character and I like how she’s given a significant role here as compared to the movie where she was just there.



Matthew Daddario is so beautiful. I honestly think he’s more attractive than Jace. His acting is brilliant. His lines are the typical goody goody I do nothing wrong type. His character stays very true to the books – he doesn’t like Clary and Simon being there and he’s very vocal about it. I’m so excited to see him and Magnus and how everything goes down here.



I loved how Valentine was shown. His acting was phenomenal. His love for Jocelyn came through very well. The headquarters for the circle are in Chernobyl for some reason but I liked it. I liked how he’s shown so far.

The rest of the characters have only been shown very briefly so maybe after a few episodes I can talk about Magnus and Luke and Hodge. So far I like the direction the show is taking. They seem to be advancing the vampire plot quite early on because we see vampires already at the end of episode 2. I’m really excited for the next episode. Rosende’s acting was definitely my favourite part.

Tell me your thoughts about the show so far! Did you like it? Hate it? Let’s discuss in the comments! 🙂


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