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Romance in YA

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. The season of love, chocolate, flowers and other general fluff. It also that time of year for valentine-less humans such as myself to sob.
A few of my friends have elaborate, drawn out plans for the day (which I’m totally not jealous of :P), but they’re all completely mundane things! Nothing over the top like in all the Young Adult books, which made me realise exactly how very unrealistically romance is portrayed in young adult books. Sure, romance forms a major part of growing up, but it doesn’t consume an individual (or at least it shouldn’t!!) completely and isolate them from every part of their life pre-relationship, as is incorrectly portrayed in basically every YA romance ever.

Here is my list of the pros and cons of romance in YA:


  • Romance books are full of cutesy dialogue and romantic gestures which make my heart dissolve to mush because some of the things they say are just SO CUTE. YAY FOR CUTENESS!
  • YA romances are usually quick, short reads which are great for reading slumps!
  • They’re full of great, witty banter, which are always fun to read. Exhibit A: Etiénne St Clair.
  • They emphasize the ups and downs of relationships, and how to deal with them for maximum love points.
  • Most of the male love interests in these books are attractive, nice people who restore my faith in humanity. Not all boys are total jerks! Only most of them are! xD


  • They’re unrealistic, giving young girls and boys expectations which are incredibly hard to meet.
  • Most YA romances fail to show the awkward side of relationships. If you spend most of your time with a certain person, there are bound to be plenty of awkward moments right? But I haven’t read much of them in books.
  • This one is more for myself, having never been in a relationship (I’m going to die alone lol) – they are not relatable at all. They’re fun to read and all, but I really cannot picture 90% of the scenarios happening in real life. Life isn’t like Hairspray with Zac Efron being an absolute sweetheart. Though that would be the best.

    Imagine Zac Efron pining after you… OKAY I’M GOING OFF TOPIC, moving on!
  • After a certain point, all of the stories seem to be the exact same thing. I have nothing against clichés, but the fact that I’ve read multiple books with very similar plots and characters, bothers me a little bit. There are plenty of extremely original stories (in fact, I may just write about some sometime!) But a majority of the stories are very similar and I tend to mix them up with others in my head.
  • Everything is so over the top. I’m all for grand romantic gestures, they are the cutest things, but some stories take it wayyy too far and, I know I sound repetitive, but that doesn’t happen in real life! The things they say, the way they act – sometimes it’s a bit much.
  • Romantically linked characters are soo dependant on each other in YA, it’s ridiculous. Being in love doesn’t mean needing someone to complete you, it’s about knowing that someone completes you, right? (What am I even saying, I’m just a deluded teenage girl haha xD)


All that said, I still love reading YA romance, it’s fun and cheesy, but it makes me feel really happy. What are your opinions? Do you like YA romance? Do you dislike it? Do you agree with anything I said? Do you want to stab me with a pitchfork because I was so wrong? Tell me in the comments!


13 thoughts on “Romance in YA

  1. Great post! You mentioned a lot of points that I totally agree on. If the romance in YA isn’t done right, it’s boring and cheesy and similar to other books. Sometimes as an affect it brings down the whole story.

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  2. wow agreed with this ALL. I devour ya romance like there’s no tomorrow and am such a sucker for cliché romantic moments. I really do adore them and they are my favourite go-to books for nice, easy, out-of-the-slump reading. that being said I NEED more originality in this genre. I NEED A BOOK THAT EMBRACES CLICHÉ BUT SETS ITSELF AS COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DIFFERENT TOO.

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    1. Right? I love the cliché, but sometimes you’re just in the mood to read something real! Maybe check out Anna and the French Kiss or My Life Next Door or Since You’ve Been Gone, they’re some of the more realistic YA romances I’ve read! 🙂


  3. Totally agree with you. *sighs* I’m a hopeless romantic, so yess I absolutely freaking love romance, specially those cute ones! But yes, they set our expectations too high. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a valentine till now? 😛 Oh well, I’m still waiting for my prince charming to sweep me off my feet. Meanwhile, I’ll just read books. Loads of books!

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    1. Read tons of books and fantasise about the perfect boy for you 😀
      Then, instead of waiting for him to sweep you off your feet, go look for him! He may be stuck in a tree or something 😉
      Romantic books do have their allure, right? 😛

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      1. In the rate the trees are being cut down I doubt he’s going to be stuck in a tree! XD But I’ll keep that in mind and pray he falls in my lap! Or rather NOT! :-P:-P
        It does, that’s why we get attracted to it like a magnet, well atleast it works for me like that.

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  4. You made some great comments here. I have similar pros and cons vis-a-vis romantic comedies. But when all is said and done, I enjoy them. AND keep in mind that books and movies do shape people. Seeing love portrayed in certain ways changes how we experience love. 🙂

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    1. I will check them out!
      I totally agree with you on that, seeing different portrayals of love definitely affects how we experience it. But I sometimes feel like it’s overdone. I mean, I’d love to be serenaded by a choir and someone professing their love for me at the end of it, but that actually happening isn’t likely. Nonetheless, I will continue binge reading romance like my life depends on it because they makes me very very happy!
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  5. This was such a great post to read, thank you! It’s funny, I’m going to talk about expectations on my blog very soon 😉
    I agree with you on everything, I think, ahha. Romances are so great to read, they’re fast, they’re cute, they make me smile like a stupid, haha. But you’re right in that they are, a lot of the time, unrealistic. So many things are happening that just WOULDN’T happen in real life, because let’s face it, people aren’t that nice and guys aren’t that cute (IT HAPPENS though, but well not as often as we’d like haha) and grand romantic gestures, well, it’s kind of, “don’t get your hopes up”, haha. And about the end, you’re so right. Love doesn’t mean losing yourself in someone else, with someone else, it means finding someone who completes you in some way, yet doesn’t take away who you are, what you want to be, and doesn’t take up all the place in your world. It does take a HUGE place, but you shouldn’t be co-dependant.
    Wow sorry, haha, I guess I had a lot to say :p

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    1. I’ll look forward to your post then! I think a big reason for liking unrealistic books is that we know there isn’t much probability of it actually happening (zero probability, let’s be honest xD) so we try to virtually live these over the top, romantic scenarios via books! “Guys aren’t that cute” hahaha xD I’m still waiting for the day I realise high school is full of people who look like the cast of Pretty Little Liars. Where are all these beautiful people and why aren’t they in front of my face?! 😛
      Totally agreeing with you on the idea of people not being codependent but improving who you are in the first place.
      Thanks for the comment Marie! 🙂

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