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Once Upon A Road Trip by Angela N. Blunt

I am not a fan of this cover. Road Trip Love Story and this is what they come up with?! *shakes head in disapproval*

3 stars

This book is a memoir, I was not aware of this while requesting it on NetGalley. I don’t like memoirs, they’re long and preachy and extremely pretentious, but this one surprised me in a good way.

The story is about a road trip (well obviously :P) Angela N Blunt takes post high school, where she meets several of her internet friends and makes more along the way. As road trip stories are, this was fun and exciting to read – the expected, the unexpected, everything happens! The primary purpose of the story was to be How I Met Your Mother in book form as How I Met Your Father. I think it’s really beautiful that Angela and her husband can share their love story with the world to restore our faith in the fact that love stories do happen in real life, though it may be rare 😉

The book is written in third person with Angie’s journal entries of around the time the events occurred at the end of each chapter. Since this is a real story that did happen to her, it may have been more effective told in first person – to really understand everything going through the author’s mind whilst living through all these events. The journal entries were the closest we got to reading about Angie’s mindset while everything was happening. An issue I had with the writing was that the book was very long, now that’s not a bad thing, but there were times where I felt like unnecessary things were mulled over for too long. However, this is a memoir and I’m sure Angie just wanted to remember everything that happened on this epic road trip as vividly as possible.

The actual love story, the main part of the story, was absolutely adorable. It was also far more realistic than all other young adult contemporaries (maybe because it did really happen…), instilling that life can give you stories worth documenting to look back on forever.

All in all, this is an entertaining book, I enjoyed it. It’s not something I would classify as a “must read” but for a love story lover, this is worth checking out 🙂

The plot of my life is still being written. And fortunately, I’m just a co-author.

Sent from NetGalley for an honest review. That did not affect this review in any way.


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