Turquoiseblood by Cecilia Isaac

This cover is so beautiful 😮

Name: Turquoiseblood
Author: Cecilia Isaac
Genre: Young Adult, High Fantasy
Rating: 3.5/5


When the dangerous rogue dragon Anya crash lands in an isolated mountain village during a snowstorm, Kiri saves her life. Anya awakens seemingly cured of her madness and in thanks offers to show Kiri the country outside her village. Kiri seizes the opportunity. 

At the royal court, Kiri learns that the construction of the Great Mountain Road has opened the way to dangerous magic. One has already been murdered because of it–and with the murderer still on the loose, Kiri realizes Anya may be the next target. 

To protect Anya, Kiri begins her own search for the murderer, and for those seeking to profit by harvesting the magic in the mountains. To find the answers, she will have to follow the trail of Pristina Aikaterine, a long-vanished member of a league devoted to the hunting of magical creatures. 

Meanwhile, 200 years in the past, Pristina races to prevent the rising civil war.

Despite being high fantasy, this is an extremely quick and fast paced read – so much happens in the first few chapters. Though the summary already gives away the start, it’s still fun to read. The writing is easy to understand and follow, alternating with present day and past happenings. This writing really complemented the story. I was highly intrigued by the unique world in this book and the story about Priscilla in the past and how she changed things.

The two main characters are a dragon (!!), Anya and a human, Kiri. They interact a lot but it was hard for me to picture the two having conversation – it seemed very bizarre. I enjoyed their dynamic and their banter. I loved the times the dragon taught her how to speak in multiple languages. Their relationship was very captivating. Their adventures together as a team were very fun to read about.

All in all, this is a fun read so do check it out sometime!

3 thoughts on “Turquoiseblood by Cecilia Isaac

  1. What an interesting read! I don’t think I’d like it much since I don’t tend to enjoy books with dragons. But I’m glad to hear you liked this overall. However, if you want to try another high fantasy right after this one… I’d recommend The Winner’s Curse if you haven’t already read it. I recently finished and loved it so much!!

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