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The Lie by K C Sprayberry

2.75 stars


The Lie by K C Sprayberry is a young adult mystery novel and the only way I can describe it is . . . peculiar. I didn’t hate this book, nor did I think this was a bad book in any way, I just felt like towards the end of the book, the story went a bit crazy.

The story starts off with the main character Amy and her best friend Jane playing what seemed like a harmless prank on the day of a big football game. Little did Amy know, this was no harmless prank – a lot of people ended up hurt and at the end of the night, Jane went missing.

The story is told in a dual point of view – alternating between Amy and her twin brother Bryce’s POV. While there seem to be two protagonists, the story is clearly about Amy, Bryce being a secondary character. The relationship that Bryce and Amy have is really nice. They’re very close and Bryce is very protective of his sister. I liked their dynamic. An issue I had with this dual POV was that the tone of the story did not change – be it Amy or Bryce, the writing was so similar that both their voices were alike.

I really liked the writing of the book at the beginning – it grabs your attention and makes you wonder about the story but I felt like midway through, I was just reading a bunch of fillers. There are faaaar too many filler chapters. As each chapter is told in both POVs, sometimes one of the POVs will be a filler but something interesting would happen to the other person. It’s a pretty long book and I feel like a lot of time is spent on irrelevant, unnecessary details.

Now, the part that I didn’t like so much – at one point, the story becomes absolutely ridiculous. Jane pretty much blew up their old school but when she came back, the police don’t do much about it. I don’t understand Jane’s mother, she was a bit off the rocker. And at one point, Jane replaces Amy’s roommate in college, not even joking, she takes her place, uses her name, her clothes and no one knows where the real roommate is gone but no one does anything. Until of course, it’s far too late to do anything. (Avoiding the spoilers.) She’s obviously not mentally stable. Or sane, in any way.

Overall, I think this is a decent read, easy enough to follow,  but I don’t think the story is realistic in any way.

A big thank you to author K C Sprayberry who sent me a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.


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