My Blogging Hiatus.

It’s been 19 days since I last posted something on here and I feel terrible. Blogging has always been something fun and exciting, but of late, it seemed like a drag. I wanted to take part in the Blogging Extravaganza to get back into the swing of blogging but didn’t feel motivated enough. I’ve written some blog posts that I think are really, really terrible so I haven’t posted them (nor will I ever tbh) so I took some time off.

I’ve been receiving a lot of reading requests and while usually I never decline them, of late, I have so many books to review (not that I’m complaining, I love when people send me books) that I’ve had to say no to a few authors and I feel terrible because I understand how important it is, especially for self published authors to spread word about their books.

Coming back to the point, blogging stopped being fun for me and became more of a chore. Before, I searched for more blogs to follow, had discussions in the comments but I haven’t been doing that lately. Part of what made blogging fun was the socialising – meeting more readers and discussing with them ALL THE BOOKS. A majority of my recent posts have been reviews of books that aren’t very popular so don’t get a lot comments to discuss all the things which is alright, but because of the lack of discussion, I started losing the will to write. So what I realised is that I need to make a few changes around here.

I’ve had this blog for over a year now, with several drawn out periods when I didn’t blog. To ensure this doesn’t happen again soon I’ve decided to make a few alterations:

1. Consistent: blog every 2/3 days
2. Balanced: write book things that aren’t reviews (I’ve made a list of what I think are cool discussion topics which I hope to get through!)
3. Find more memes to do!
4. To avoid being monotonous, do a tag every couple of weeks! (I have several piled up, lord save me)
5. Post a weekly (or biweekly) reading/life update every Sunday.
6. Talk to all the people. All of them. Attack them (nicely) with friendship like how Cait taught me here.
Aaand 7: get a new theme!

Now I can’t make any promises as to whether or not I will successfully go through with this, but this is the plan. I really want to get back to being an active member of the blogosphere because I feel so happy writing about books and discussing stories! I may take a few days off here and there because of academic reasons but I hope to never abandon or neglect my blog.

Thanks, if you read this far, it means a lot to me. ❤


10 thoughts on “My Blogging Hiatus.

  1. Hi! I get what your saying. But i do hope that eventually everything will be in its perfect places and i now blogging will have that charm for you once again. Don’t do something out of pressure, just relax and take your time. you’ll be fine! :*

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, I think I’m over this writing “slump” I’ve been in for what seems like forever, so you can look forward to some new stuff here 🙂
      Your comment means a lot ❤

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  2. Aww, don’t feel terrible about it, Shotobhisha! I used to have this fear that if I didn’t release anything people would stop caring about my blog and that gave me so much anxiety. But in July 2015 (when I created my first Summer Says post about taking a deep breath and that I should blog however I feel comfortable) I started to realize how this should be about me and if I can find inspiration. If you feel uninspired or burned out, relax and don’t feel bad about missing out or not releasing content. I think these hiatuses are healthy. 🙂 But anyway, we’re glad to have you back! Look forward to the future posts!

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    1. It’s great that you got over it! But for the most part, I think you’ve been quite consistent with some excellent discussion posts. For me, I sometimes just don’t like what I write so posts upon posts pile up and I never publish them ergo inactive blog 😦 I think if I balance it out with a tag or a meme, I’ll be able to have content and be more consistent. 🙂
      Thank you for this comment, it really means a lot ❤


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