Pieces of You and Me by Erin Fletcher


2 stars

This is one of those stories where nothing happens.

A contemporary romance is best when the characters start off friends, friends to lovers is my all time favourite book trope but this was such a disappointment. Chase and Rylee used to be friends (or as they keep saying, “more than friends”. They were 12. They knew nothing.) but didn’t keep in touch after Chase was forced to move. Five years later, he comes back, she’s still there. Events ensue.

A really weird part of this story was that Rylee and her friends actually blamed Chase for not staying in touch the five years he was away! The boy was 12, what’s the most he could’ve done? Moving past that, Chase and Rylee made a really cute couple. They had a lot of inside jokes made when they were younger that they kept referencing, they got along really well.

The thing is disliked most about this book was the characters. Every single one of them felt flat, one dimensional and well, kind of boring. The side characters did absolutely nothing for the story. Rylee was boring and self pitying, Chase was just messy. It’s hard to appreciate the romance when you don’t appreciate the characters which is why this book wasn’t my favourite. The side characters did nothing for the story, they had very lame dialogue, and their relationships with Rylee didn’t feel like best friends’.

The writing of the story was okay, it felt a little immature at times. The double POV worked alright but at times the writing would shift to third person. It was very inconsistent writing which was slightly disappointing.

All in all, this was a disappointing read. It has a beautiful premise but not very good execution.


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