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Favourite Fictional Mothers || Happy Mother’s Day!

In honor of it being Mother’s Day today, here is a list of my favourite fictional mothers. This list was actually really hard to compile because in most books, there were either absent parents or terrible parents. .-. Nonetheless, here are a few of my favourite fictional mothers.

Molly Weasley


She was one of my favourite characters in Harry Potter. She gives me very warm homely vibes with her constant smile and her cooking. I love how she’s so welcoming to Harry always, despite being a bit short of money and amenities.

Lorelai Gilmore


I only recently started watching Gilmore Girls but Lorelai is definitely a fast favourite. She’s sarcastic and witty and I love how she’s more Rory’s best friend than her mother.

Sally Jackson


I just think she’s so cool! With her blue food feasts and turning her abusive boyfriend to stone đŸ˜‚ She’s hilarious and wonderful. She’s so supportive of Percy but still a strong independent woman of her own!

Maryse Lightwood


Though she’s strict and plain rude at times, Maryse was strong and incredibly loving, wanting only the best for her kids.

Ashley Marin


Though all of the mothers in this show seem to be dangerously unaware of the antics their daughters get into, Hanna’s mother is my favourite because of all she sacrifices for her daughter and how loving and caring and accepting she is of her daughter and all her choices.

Melissa McCall


She’s one of my favourite TV mothers because she’s so lovely and helpful. I like how she learns to accept that her son is a wolf (thats not something you accept at once xD) and loves him through it all!

Let me know who your favourite fictional mothers are! A happy mother’s day to all the mothers everywhere.


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