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Anthologies Are Awesome (As Are Alliterations!)

According to all knowing, all seeing Wikipedia:
An anthology is a collection of literary works chosen by the compiler. It may be a collection of poems, short stories, plays, songs, or excerpts. In genre fiction anthology is used to categorize collections of shorter works such as short stories and short novels, usually collected into a single volume for publication.

In simple terms, an anthology is a collection of stories, pertaining to a single theme written by one or various authors. I have not read a lot of these but after recently completing Summer Days and Summer Nights, edited by Stephanie Perkins, I was inspired to write this post. Anthologies are great, here is a list of all the reasons why.

  • You get introduced to so many new authors! So more books to read, more characters to love, more additions to the ever increasing TBR mountain (calling it a pile simply does not suffice)
  • Authors write stories outside their usual genres, which makes for extremely interesting reads. Veronica Roth, who is typically a sci-fi dystopian author wrote a love story in SDASN and it was really, really good! I liked it more than I liked Divergent.
  • They’re full of SHORT stories so they’re easy and quick to read. Especially if you’re in a reading slump, these are great 😀
  • The main theme of the book, be it love or hate or betrayal or revenge, is explored by different authors in different ways and it’s really interesting to read other people’s takes on the same topic. In SDASN, the main theme is love, and in this book, there are stories about insta love, falling in love over time, friends to lovers and even break up stories. All the stories are distinctly different and it’s really fun to read how authors interpret the theme differently.
  • Since there are multiple stories (usually written by multiple authors), there’s a greater possibility of diversity in the characters which is always awesome. PLUS because every author has a different writing style, you’re sure to find something you will enjoy!

  • If you’re interested in reading books by a certain author, reading their story in an anthology will give you a brief look at their writing and may help you decide whether or not to read their books. If you don’t enjoy it, at least you’ll have the other short stories that you may enjoy. And refer point before, there’s definitely going to be at least one story that you enjoy 🙂

So that’s my list on why anthologies are great. I definitely want to read more anthologies this year, do leave some recommendations if you have any favourites! If you enjoy love stories, Summer Days and Summer Nights is great. 🙂


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