Senses: A Poem by Dane Cobain

Recently an author and poet named Dane Cobain emailed me about his work. He said he’d wtite me a poem, exclusively for my blog. He asked for five words to include in his poem and then wrote this in a few days.

The words I gave him are:  rain, break, fall, wait and shadow. They’re a bit random so I was eager to see what he came up with and I’m very pleased with his final poem. Here it is.


The most beautiful thing I saw today

was probably the shadow play

made by the way the light falls;

it turned molehills into mountains

and leaking pipes into magic fountains

spouting steam in little streams

and cleaning the streets

of people.


The most delicious smell I sensed today

was the smell of summer rain

not quite falling

but gathering in clouds

so flowers reached out

like the waiting hands

of the five thousand.


The most sonorous sound I heard today

turned out to be nothing at all,

my ears are blocked up with infections

or something

and it’s making me fall

all over the place.


The most interesting taste I tasted today

was the taste of cigarettes and coffee,

‘cause I need a break

more than anyone.


The most delightful thing I touch today

will have to wait until the evening

when my lady friend comes over

and takes her clothes off.


I’d like to see shadows play,

smell summer rain,

hear nothing,

taste cigarettes and coffee

and touch my lady friend

at the same time

in the same place



I loved his poem so I’m leaving here a link to his website so do check him out if you’re interested!



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