RIP it or Ship it – Hogwarts Students Edition

Saw this tag on YouTube – I’m linking a video here and a lot of book bloggers did it a few months ago too. I thought it would be fun to do this with exclusively Harry Potter characters who attended Hogwarts with Harry!

For those of you who are unaware of what this tag is, the rules are to write names of characters on chits and put them in a box. Then draw two names and state whether you like the idea of them as a couple (SHIP them) or you don’t like the idea of them as a couple (RIP them). The rules are fairly simple so let us begin.

I’ve put 20 names of HP characters in this box:

Pair #1: Dean Thomas and Neville Longbottom

Not gonna lie, I had other people in mind for both of them but now that I’m really thinking about it, they may work. They lived in the same dorm for a long time, they’ve seen each other through highs and lows.


Pair #2: Romilda Vane and Colin Creevey

Colin Creevey is one of my favourite side characters! I think he’s so cute and wonderful. Romilda Vane was not my favourite, what with her love potions and such. Colin is too precious for me to give to Romilda, who we don’t know much about!


Pair #3: Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter


If you couldn’t already tell, I love the idea of Luna and Harry together. (what is this Hinny nonsense?!) Luna was such a good friend to Harry, I think they’d make a nice couple.


Pair #4: Percy Weasley and Katie Bell

…interesting. I don’t think they’ve interacted much in the books but judging by what we know about Katie, I think she’s a lot of fun and very energetic. Kind of the opposite of Percy. I can’t picture them together, nope, sorry.


Pair #5: Lee Jordan and Ron Weasley

I’ve never pictured them together but I think this could be really cute! Lee was bffs with Fred and George, so I’m sure they knew each other very well. Lee’s sense of humour and lighthearted approach to life could help Ron through all insecurities.


Pair #6: Cedric Diggory and Cormac McLaggen

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. This would be hilarious! Cedric is a nice, sweet boy and McLaggen is so full of himself, it’s nauseating. Cedric could help tone his bigheadedness down?


Pair #7: Zacharias Smith and Fred Weasley

For some reason, I can never picture Fred Weasley with anyone but me. Smith was the annoying kid in the DA, who gave bad commentary. I think Smith was a good kid, it’s just I can’t picture him with Fred because if I’m not wrong, Fred didn’t like him very much in Order of the Phoenix.


Pair #8: Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy

Though Drapple is OTP, there are tons of Dramione fics I’ve read. I can see how they can be good for each other, but Draco was always so terrible to her and other Muggle borns, I feel like he’d try to hide their relationship and Hermione doesn’t deserve that! Also, Draco is one of my least favourite characters and Hermione is one of my favourite characters so just, no.

VERDICT: RIP IT! (Sorry Dramione shippers!)

Pair #9: Ginny Weasley and Cho Chang

HAHAHAHAHAHA IMAGINE THAT?! Both of them ditching Harry to be with each other? That would be hilarious! Personality wise, Ginny is a lot more outgoing and loud than Cho is, so their personalities could complement each other’s well. Though I was against this initially, this could actually work!


Pair #10: Seamus Finnigan and Pansy Parkinson

Nope nope nope nope nope. Pansy was a terrible human being, I hated her so much. Seamus is wonderful! He’s funny and cute and blows things up so I ship him with Katniss. Seamus deserves a lot better than Pansy!


and that’s it! This was a lot of fun to do! I think we got a weird mix of pairs, most unexpected and ones I hadn’t thought about before. Do you agree with my pairs? Are you a Dramione shipper? Do you prefer Harry with Luna or Ginny? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “RIP it or Ship it – Hogwarts Students Edition

    1. Yeah I always thought Luna and Harry would be a thing because they seemed to have this unspoken understanding of each other. Harry and Ginny were a bit random for me… Though in Cursed Child, we get to see that they’re actually really cute together too ❤ Also it’s really sweet that Ginny grew up to marry her celebrity crush 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t read Cursed Child yet know I’m looking forward to seeing Ginny and Harry’s relationship in it. There wasn’t enough of them in the books to really tell wether they would be a good couple Harry and Luna however always seamed like they’d be adorable together.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hope you enjoy Cursed Child! Ginny seems perfect for Harry in it. Ron and Hermione are really cute too. Though I’ve made my peace with Harry and Ginny, Harry and Luna will always have a special place in my heart ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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