A letter to Queen JK Rowling

I just finished reading The Cursed Child and it brought back so many memories from my ‘Harry Potter years’ as I like to call them. Harry Potter is a book series I have so many happy memories associated with, so reading about all the characters all grown up, with kids of their own, was surreal. 

I cannot ever express how much Harry Potter has affected my life, in the best possible way. It opened my eyes to things like abuse and familiarised me with the concept of death, but most importantly, it taught me to love. I have never read of a character as selfless as Harry Potter, who is willing to give up his life for the greater good, who is always there for his friends, who is forgiving of people who have committed the gravest of sins. 

The world of wizardry and witchcraft in this series is unlike anything I have ever read. So intricate, so detailed, so well thought out. I have spent many a day dreaming about what life would have been like if I was at Hogwarts. 

I can never adequately express how greatly this book series have changed my life. Above all, I want to thank Jo for this Harry Potter universe that means so much to so many people. A place that is always there for us, despite our other struggles, a safe haven for us when we need it, a world that feels more like home than the one we live in. 


4 thoughts on “A letter to Queen JK Rowling

  1. I’m half way through the book and i love it so much,it’s really fantastic.And i was so happy when even for a small time but Severus was back.(will be reviewing it soon).harry potter and the cursed child-💜

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