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Rereader Of Books

I like to reread books. I do it all the time. It’s fun! I’m rereading Harry Potter right now and absolutely loving it. I was telling this to my friend the other day and she said, “What’s the point? You already know the story, right?” That got me thinking. Why is it that I enjoy rereading books when I already know the story?

Firstly, books are like a snuggly warm blanket to wrap yourself in when life gets hard and so, if there were books that made me feel warm and fuzzy and happy, I reread them to feel the same feelings again. It’s comforting to know that the characters and the books are always on your side, no matter what.

Second, you notice so much more of the little details in a story when you’re not too focussed on following the plot. There are so many great Harry-Ron-Hermione moments and jokes and small details about Hogwarts that I’ve noticed this time around. Of course, I know what’s going to happen in the end but there’s so much that happened in between that I’ve forgotten.

I’m a big believer of how and when you read a book affecting your experience of reading it. If you’re at a bad time, a good book might’ve cheered you up or when you were in a good mood and a book particularly resonates with you – rereading a book reminds you of when you first read it and makes you nostalgic. I’m someone who gets very nostalgic so I really love going back to stories that meant so much to me when I was younger.

As you grow older, the world seems so much smaller and you start to understand things that you didn’t when you were younger so rereading books gives you a very different perspective on a story. You may understand a lot of the concepts in the story better and have a more wholesome reading experience. A lot more makes sense because you can maybe relate to a character more or understand the themes the author tries to portray.
I rereading books is a very worthwhile despite you already knowing what’s going to happen. Do you agree? What’s your favourite book to reread? Do you reread books for pleasure or just when they’re in a series and you forgot what happened in the earlier ones?Let’s discuss!


One thought on “Rereader Of Books

  1. I love rereading books there are certain books I like to reread when I feeling sad or just nostalgic because they cheer me up/bring back happy memories. The book I reread the most is Ella Enchanted, I tend to reread mostly fairytale I’m not sure why I guess I like the happy endings.


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