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Weekly Recap #3: Exams are killing me 

I haven’t done much this week except cry because of my exams but here’s a recap of what I’ve been watching and what I’ve been reading and just, my life, in general.


I’m reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix again and it’s awesome. I forgot all the stuff Hermione did for the SPEW xD

I was sent Hart Broken by Annie Arcane to review. She is the nicest person ever and I loved this book! Review coming soon.

Beliya by The Vamps has been on repeat. Funny story – I have loved them since 2012 when they were only three members. They’re in my city, in my timezone, BREATHING THE AIR I’M BREATHING but I haven’t been able to see them because of my exams. The universe obviously hates me. I’ve also heard I Hate U I Love U by Gnash which I really like as well.


I finished Gilmore Girls! The last episode was warm and fuzzy and made me all kinds of happy ^.^ I’m so pumped for the reunion edition. I started watching Young and Hungry which is hilarious and incredibly addictive because it’s so short. I’m through with 2 seasons already. In 4 days.

I think I failed my Physics exam which is a very strange feeling because I’ve never failed a test before… My friend had an epic birthday party on Saturday and I didn’t attend because, you guessed it, exams! I don’t do well in that kind of situation anyway so I’m glad I didn’t go. I had an idea for a story that I want to write so I hope to write that soon!
How was your week?


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