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Hart Broken by Annie Arcane 

Annie Arcane sent me an email asking me to review her book, Hart Broken and I’m so glad that she did! This was such a great read. Thank you Annie! Might I also add that she is one of the nicest authors I have ever spoken to. However, that did not affect this review in any way.

Hart Broken is a story about a girl named Mickey Hart who wakes up in someone’s bed and falls in love with him over time. Cale, the boy in question, is nice and charming and overall, wonderful. He had an injury and so, can only travel with his wheelchair. Because of this, I thought this would be a lot like Me Before You, but it wasn’t. I found the storyline very unique.
The characterisations of Mickey and Cale are very realistic. They were real, genuine people who made mistakes and learnt from them. Their relationship felt very awkward at times, but that all added to it’s charm. I loved Mickey’s best friend, Mel. She was the calming influence in Mickey’s crazy life and gave good advice. They had a great dynamic. Cale’s brother Cameron also makes appearances throughout the story. He’s very charming and very sweet and added a little more to Cale’s life story.

The writing of the story is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Each chapter is split into Mickey’s and Cale’s points of view. But Mickey’s was in third person and Cale’s was in first person. I must say, I enjoyed Mickey’s POV more because I liked her character more, but in Cale’s, we actually see his thoughts so that was interesting. I wish there was some uniformity – both POVs in either first or third person but at least, this type of writing distinguished which part was whose. There are some sexy bits, which are always fun to read, but given the cover, this is not as sexy as it appears and don’t let that be a reason for you to not pick this up.

The actual storyline was okay, for the most part and very cliché and predictable. But it became really interesting towards the middle when we finally find out why Mickey acts the way that she does, and Cale opens up about his past relationship and his accident. As the story progresses, it becomes less cliche and more intriguing. Some things that happened in the latter part of the book were quite surprising.

Overall, this was a good (new?) adult romance, and I do recommend this to people who like the same.


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