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Weekly Recap #4: Birthday Week!

I’ve lasted a month with these recaps. I am happy ^.^ My birthday was on September 1st and I had a blog post planned out where I would reflect on the past year, but I never wrote it because I was busy. In general, I think apart from these recaps, I haven’t been posting much on here but that is going to change now.

I have been reading so here’s my weekly recap in


I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and I’m going to start Half Blood Prince soon. It was every bit as epic as I remembered it. I just wish I had the physical copy instead of an eBook! I started I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson and I’m really enjoying how it’s written. I’m only 2 chapters in, but it’s really good. I also picked up How To Be A  Person because I want to read more non-fiction and this seemed like a funny, sarcastic book. Halfway through, I must say this is quite disappointing. It’s trying too hard to be funny. If any of you have any nonfiction recommendations, please let me know!


I’ve been really enjoying Lush Life by Zara Larsson. Also Gold by Kiiara. I’ve also been listening to Seventeen by Alessia Cara because I turned 17 on Thursday and I feel like time’s flying by too quickly!


I finished Young and Hungry. It’s really funny, but season 4 was quite disappointing. I started watching Younger and so far, it’s really good! Pretty Little Liars had it’s mid season finale and it was INCREDIBLE. The ending was awesome and I’m so annoyed I need to wait till APRIL for the new season. WHY ARE THEY TORTURING US LIKE THIS?! I think I’m going to rewatch the show from season 1 all over again after finishing Younger because I’m going to have nothing to watch. :/


I turned 17! *all the celebrations* I have only 2 more years of being a teenager and that’s really scary. My birthday was quite okay, as birthdays go. I was swamped by calls and messages at midnight, my friends got cupcakes to school, I met my best friend from my old school. My friends made me this collage on Facebook which is adorable. I got some HP merch, The Martian and one of my best friends wrote me 17 postcards.

I also filled out my Common Application form and registered to write the SAT in October. I’m nervous and excited. I’m not 100% sold on an education abroad, it’ll be costly and I’m still not sure what to study so it won’t be fair to ask my parents to spend thousands of dollars on it… I don’t know. We get our exam papers back on Tuesday so I’m crossing my fingers that I passed everything. I just wish I could figure out what I want to do, that would help so so so much. >.<


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