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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 

4 stars

Anything JK Rowling writes in this world, I will most definitely read. I was super excited to read this book because of course, it’s an addition to the series I know and love so much. Some of the reviews on this were terrible, but I read it with an open mind. I’m not going to lie, it’s not perfect, but it wasn’t as bad as people were making it out to be. I enjoyed it. 

Written in a script form, it’s a story that can be very easily read. However, a major part of the Harry Potter saga was reading about the beautiful setting and the little things that happened at Hogwarts. As this is a script, it’s dialogue based and so we don’t see much of the setting. The dialogue and language felt very different from that of the HP series. Maybe it’s the generation gap, but it just feels very strange and different from the way they spoke in the Harry Potter series. 

It was so nice to see all the old characters reconnect in this book. They’ve all matured a lot. I was so happy to see Hermione as Minister for Magic! I’m not the biggest fan of Harry and Ginny but their relationship in this book made me very happy. We see Draco, who surprisingly gets along with Harry! But of them all, Ron was my favourite. I thought he was hilarious. 

Of the new generation, I loved the main characters of this series! Albus Potter was a very dark character, very reminiscent of Book5 Harry. I was hoping to see more of Harry’s other kids, but we didn’t. Scorpius Potter is adorable. He was my favourite person and such a delight to read! I loved their friendship and how close they were despite their parents’ rocky past. I shipped them together soo much!

The actual plot of the story fell a bit flat for me. It felt like fan fiction. Fans have pointed out the Time Turner as a discrepancy in the plot and this book took it a bit too far. I liked the initial concept but didn’t understand how it worked. I didn’t see Delphi’s parentage coming, that was a shock! But apart from that, the story was not my favourite. 

This story had so much potential and I think it didn’t do the initial seven books justice. However, I would like to watch this live one day and make judgements based off that. It will be interesting to see how they do all the spells in real life. 

I’m hoping there’s a book 9 to salvage this? 😛


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