Weekly Recap #6: I overread…

HI! I know this was supposed to go up on Sunday but I’ve been having some problems with the WiFi connection at home and my phone doesn’t have a data connection so I’m sorry that my blog has been inactive.


I finished my Harry Potter reread! Yay! It’s been glorious. I think I’m settling with Deathly Hallows and Order of the Phoenix as my favourites. I just started rereading Cursed Child and I must say, it’s very disappointing after the HP series… I finished Romancing the Dark in the City of Light and I found it to be very average, it wasn’t as good as I’d been expecting it to be. Review coming soon. I started Daughter of Smoke and Bone which is amazing. I’m only on chapter 4 and I love it already. I also read November 9 which I will also review. I have a lot of thoughts about it so I’ll make a long post about it. 

I haven’t been listening to a lot of music nowadays. I’m loving Halsey’s Badlands album. It’s amazing. I also heard a cover of Closer by The Chainsmokers which has been on repeat since the day I found it. 

I’m rewatching Pretty Little Liars and now that I know what happens in the future seasons, having seen them already, I’m trying to see if everything actually falls into place. I’m super excited for season 3 of Younger. I want to watch a short sitcom/show which I can watch in my study breaks. I’m thinking of rewatching How I Met Your Mother or watching Friends (which I’ve actually never seen please don’t kill me)

My life is actually pretty boring. I’ve been studying, procrastinating studying, you know, the usual. xD I’m giving my SAT next Saturday and I’m worried that I’m not prepared enough. I have so many assignments and projects due and I just don’t have enough time to finish everything. Especially my computer project, I don’t even know what to do! I don’t understand how to code half the stuff in C++ and I’m just very confused. I’m so stressed out over it all. I hate that in studying subjects I don’t like and I’m so ready to drop them all next year but I don’t know what I do want to study and ahh I’m just really annoyed with myself for not being able to figure anything out despite having so many resources. I spoke to my school counsellor who just confused me further, if that was even possible. I just can’t wait for this academic year to be over already. 


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