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Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor 

Image result for a daughter of smoke and boneAHHH THIS WAS SO GOOD I AM SO HAPPY. 

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is about a girl named Karou, who runs errands for her adoptive father figure Brimstone who grants wishes. On one of her errands she encounters an angel who helps her find the truth to what she really is.

Once upon a time,an angel and a devil fell in love. It did not end well.

I absolutely loved this book and I flew through it in just a few days. The concept of the story is so unique. An angel and demon love story in a very atypical way. The seraphim and chimaera had a very interesting back story. Taylor did an impeccable job of blending both worlds, the real world, where the story begins, and the chimaera/seraphim world. The idea of portals between the two linked both worlds beautifully.

High fantasy stories are usually hard to get into but this one definitely is an exception. Starting off in Prague, it gives the reader enough time to adjust to the magic and the idea of different worlds. Prague is described so beautifully in this book I really want to visit now! The descriptive writing of the whimsical world is fantastic. She managed to talk about the characters and the angel and demon races in a way without the latter sounding comical. The magic and the obsession with teeth seemed a bit random but everything fell into place wonderfully in the end. 

The first time she’d come to Prague, she’d gotten so lost exploring these streets. She’d passed an art gallery and a few blocks later doubled back to find it, and… couldn’t. The city had swallowed it. In fact, she had never found it. There was a deceptive tangling of alleys that gave the impression of a map that shifted behind you, gargoyles tiptoeing away, stones like puzzle pieces rearranging themselves into new configurations while you weren’t looking. Prague entranced you, lured you in, like the mythic fey who trick travelers deep into forests until they’re lost beyond hope. But being lost here was a gentle adventure of marionette shops and absinthe…

As this is a first book in a series, a lot of the time was spent in the building of this beautiful world however, Taylor has managed to ensure that the personalities of all the characters are not compromised because of this.

Karou is such a badass. I loved her sense of humor and her attitude towards life. She’s fearless and selfless and kind. I love how she acts with her ex boyfriend Kaz who was extremely stupid. Her best friend, Zuzana is another of my favourite characters. She’s hilarious and provides great comic relief after some of the heavier, darker scenes. I love how she’s so accepting of her best friend despite just finding out that she’s a demon monster thing. Akira, I didn’t like as much. I have mixed feelings about him. I like some aspects of his character – how fearless and ready to help he is, but he seems to have no personality. He was just incredibly bland. Though we didn’t see much of him, Brimstone was a fantastic character. He makes a lot of very profound statements and is a very Dumbledore like character. I hope there’s more of him in the next book.

“You were true to her, even if she was not to you. Never repent of your own goodness, child. To stay true in the face of evil is a feat of strength.”

The book divided into parts and I must say I enjoyed the former parts more than the latter. The entirety of part 3 is about Karou’s past life and memories and it was interesting but the dialogue and writing of those scenes felt a bit rushed. A lot of the magic in the story occurs in those scenes so there was so much potential to make them far more exciting than what they were. 

The book ends on a rather strange note. I can’t believe what just happened and I’m so excited to see how the series progresses. I highly recommend this to lovers of fantasy, you will not be disappointed!



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