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Weekly Recap #7: Everything and nothing 

I didn’t post a recap last week (NOT BECAUSE I QUIT THIS SERIES) because I had posted something last Wednesday so it seemed too soon to do a recap. Anyway, I’m here now to recap my life in the past week and a half. 


I’ve completed Daughter of Smoke and Bone and reviewed it here  I started book 2 of the series Days of Blood and Starlight. I got approved for Wings to Fly on NetGalley which I’m currently reading. That’s about it, really. 


I’m really loving Shawn Mendes’ new album Illuminae. I also love All We Know by The Chainsmokers. We had a massive The Script singalong at school the other day which was a lot of fun 😀 


I watched the fourth episode of Friends and found it kind of boring?? I don’t like Friends as much as a lot of other people do… I’m still watching Pretty Little Liars. Season 3 of Younger just started and it’s hilarious! Someone school told me about Once Upon a Time and Revenge and I think I’ll really enjoy them. I also want to start watching Scandal again 😀


I wrote my SAT yesterday! My Math section was pretty good, but I’m not sure about the English part. I have exams in two weeks so I’m freaking out internally. I met a friend and went to a Physics teacher who was FREAKING AWESOME 😀 I also met one of my best friends for the first time this year. I love that although we don’t meet often, whenever we do it’s like no time passed. 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap #7: Everything and nothing 

  1. All We Know is amazing! I love The Script too and I just feel so sad that it’s not as famous as some of the other bands/singers though it deserves all the love 🙂 Keep watching Friends pls!! It gets better and better.
    Also, best of luck for your exams! Mine’s ending next week 😂🙌🙌

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    1. Yes The Script is awesome 😀 sucks they’re not more popular but eh, what can we do. A lot of people are saying that I’ll start enjoying friends if I keep watching so I think I’ll continue at some point 🙂

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