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Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons I Don’t Do Horror 

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In India, Halloween isn’t a big deal – there is no trick or treating or dressing up. There was one year when my building had a Halloween party and my two best friends and I dressed up in all black as The Fates. We thought we looked amazing. We looked ridiculous xD (I’m not attaching a picture, it’s way too embarrassing :P)

I hate horror movies and horror books and so since this is a Halloween freebie, I thought I’d list the reasons why I don’t like it because there aren’t any recommendations or anything I can give you this week.

  1. I get scared and terrified and feel like I’m going to die horrifically after watching/reading about scary things. When I’m going to spend my time on reading or watching something – I want to be entertained, not terrified. That’s one of the main reasons I steer away from this genre!
  2. They are sooo unrealistic but not in the way fantasy books are. They’re set in real worlds showing paranormal things that we are supposed to believe in, unlike in fantasy where you know it isn’t true (but sometimes like me, wait patiently for the Hogwarts letter that I’m sure is going to come someday)
  3. There are so many unnecessarily gory scenes. I can handle bloody and fighting scenes but horror movies tend to overdo it.
  4. There is almost never a clear story – just ghosts or spirits or something vague with a bunch of blood and screaming. That gets boring and repetitive for me.
  5. The characters are SO STUPID. If you live in a haunted house, MOVE OUT. If you hear mysterious noises, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. DON’T TRY TO FIND WHAT IT IS. WHAT DO YOU THINK IT’S GOING TO BE??!! Unicorns?! Morons.
  6. The endings of horror books and movies are always sooo vague. Did it all really happen? Are the ghosts even real? Not getting affirmation about everything is so frustrating!
  7. There is almost never any humour. I know, it’s supposed to scare you, not make you laugh but the dialogue in horror books and movies is so generic and predictable – there is no wit, there is no sass. I know, in those scenarios, I can’t expect them to keep their calm but it’s a movie/book so I’d like to be entertained in more ways than just GHOST! BLOOD! SCREAMS!
  8. In most of the horror books and movies that I’ve seen, there isn’t a satisfactory back story or reason to anything that happens. Everything seems so random. I wish the stories were a bit more developed.
  9. The special effects and sound effects are usually terrible. I know some really scary movies where the background music set the mood for the scene so well but in a lot of them, the sound isn’t scary and the ghosts don’t look spooky enough or the bloody gory scenes seem too staged.
  10. I don’t believe in ghosts so I find horror movies and books pointless. This is a reason that applies only to a few people, but it is a reason for why I don’t like spending my time watching people shriek at random white veils.

So that’s all the reasons for why I hate horror books and movies! Do you like them? Do you agree with me on anything? Let’s chat in the comments! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons I Don’t Do Horror 

  1. YAASS! So true! I’m not much of a horror fan either but I soo wish Halloween was celebrated in India, it would have been awesome! Nonetheless, I get scared easily, the last horror movie I saw was Conjuring and even too that with a friend!!

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    1. Yesss! It would be so fun to dress up (that’s all that I like about Halloween – none of the scary stuff :P). The last scary movie I saw was Insidious with 3 of my friends so the experience was less scary. We also saw it at 3 in the afternoon 😛
      Conjuring looks wayyy too scary for me to even try to watch, alone or otherwise! (I don’t want nightmares!! :P)

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