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All of my bookmarks

Ah bookmarks! My third favourite thing in the world after of course, books and food (I have my priorities straight). Bookmarks are awesome – they keep your book from getting spoilt by marking the page and help you get back to your page ASAP when you want to continue without fumbling through the pages like a buffoon (this has happened far too many times than I care to remember). They’re also great for people like me who have the memory of a goldfish. (In my defense, I need to be memorising things like the periodic table so I don’t have room left for measly things like page numbers) (I don’t actually remember the periodic table either) (send help pls) Bookmarks manage to do all of that whilst looking aesthetically pleasing. Bravo bookmarks – you’ve done well.

Yesterday, while clearing out my bookshelf I found a box filled with a bunch of nonsense BUT at the very bottom were all the bookmarks I’ve accumulated over the years. I thought I’d lost them but they’re still alive yay!


These travel themed bookmarks were a birthday gift – they’re so cute but I haven’t used them yet. They’re far too pretty to use. My mum wants to use them as fridge magnets so it looks like we travel a lot. #jugaad


My Harry Potter themed bookmarks! I used them while rereading Harry Potter because #original I’m particularly inspired by the one in the middle (Please pray that I even get into college next year – I am soooo not ready yet!)


If you’re from India, you definitely know about Flipkart (basically Indian Amazon). They used to give these really cute bookmarks whenever I ordered a book. (As you can see, I ordered A LOT of books…) I’ve given a lot of them to friends but these are the ones I have left. I know there are a couple I don’t have like the pizza one but unfortunately, Flipkart stopped sending these :/ Now they give really lame bookmarks sponsored by Dove (I didn’t take a picture – it’s just depressing after these beauties.)


Another bookmark from Flipkart. I’ve put this one separately because Diwali is soon so HAPPY DIWALI!!!


This is a ticket to my best friend’s first ever stage performance – Alice in Wonderland. I didn’t actually attend the performance because my grandparents were in town but I still have the ticket! And it makes a really cute bookmark! 😀


The one on the left is the first ever bookmark that I used a lot. Now it rots at the bottom of my bookshelf. It reads “A little reading everyday keeps ignorance away.” I felt really cool when I was reading books in class and flashed the bookmark around as if to say “I am so much less ignorant than you, peasants.” I was a weird kid. The one on the right is something I got with an Amazon delivery, their bookmarks are less cute than Flipkart’s. It has a quote by Amish on why he named a book in the Shiva trilogy ‘Scion of Ikshvaku’. I haven’t read the trilogy yet but I’ve heard only good things.


This is another random assortment of bookmarks. The one on the left is blending into my bedsheet (very camouflage much wow) but it’s a very pretty blue colour that my friend painted for me. The one in the center is actually part of a clothes tag that I cut off because I really liked the colours and the design of all these monuments I’d like to visit. And the rightmost one is just a strip of coloured cardboard.


My friend got me this from London. Apparently she thought the glasses looked like Harry Potter glasses and so she decided to gift it to me. I love this one – it’s so cute! It’s a little inconvenient to use but it’s a dog. with HP glasses. what else do you need in life?!


This is an actual feather of an actual ostrich. My friend got it from South Africa with the intent of having me use it as a bookmark but I haven’t and don’t intend to. It’s so pretty and soft and wonderful that I thought to include it here anyway 😛

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Those are all the bookmarks I own! Do you like any of them? Do you have any favourite bookmarks of your own? Do you even USE bookmarks?! Let me know!


14 thoughts on “All of my bookmarks

  1. I can’t start my day without a hot drink! It really wakes me up, otherwise I’ll be groggy the rest of the day.
    Tea is just too bitter for my taste.


  2. I have all those bookmarks from Flipkart as well! But yeah most of them were similar so I started making some handmade bookmarks for myself! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been wanting to make some DIY bookmarks! YouTube and Pinterest are filled with fun ideas but I just procrastinate them so I’m left with these 😛
      I miss the old Flipkart bookmarks! :/

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The cake was really nice too! I don’t have it though. I also really like the eyes. They all have such funny ideas written on the back, must try them out someday 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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