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Book Cover Judging

“Never judge a book by its cover.”

The quote we book lovers never live by! How many times have you entered a book store for a browse and ended up buying a couple of books because of how pretty they are? I know I am guilty of this. We’re all drawn to pretty things or things that catch the eye so it’s natural for us to gravitate towards books with nice covers.

A lot of the times, books I’ve picked up because of their covers are actually pretty good however there are some times when they’re horrible. In that case, I suppose we are to blame because we went for superficial details and not substance. What makes me really upset is that so many great books with terrible covers don’t get read.  Vampire Academy is a really good series but I put off reading it because of it’s horrible cover. The Selection has a very beautiful cover but isn’t a great read. However, I bought a physical copy of The Selection and have ebook versions of VA.

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While the main job of the cover is to inform about the title and author, the embellishments are what bring it to life. They usually have some sort of significance to the story. The book On The Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher has a beautiful, simplistic cover but every little trinket on it has a link in the story.


A book cover is what the publisher (and also the author, I think?) deems worthy of being a pictorial representation of the story. It’s something that someone is paid to design or draw or photograph so when it’s something sloppy like for Vampire Academy, a lot of people drift away from it. Since so much effort is put into it, I think it’s completely valid for people to judge books based on their covers. However, judging solely on a cover may make you miss out on some great stories.

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Have you ever bought books because of their covers? Do you think it’s fair to judge books based on their covers?


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