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Random Search Terms

I’ve had this blog for almost two years now and a few days ago while looking at my Stats page I found this thing called Search Terms and was surprised to see how random the search words were. Cait from Paper Fury does a sort of running commentary on her search terms each month so I thought I’d do something similar!

  • bibliophile advantages – there are tons! bibliophile = books and books = joy!
  • shatter me discussion – this is one of my older posts which I frankly don’t even remember but hey, it’s a good book! Read it! *shoves book in face*
  • mumbai india famous souvenir – Sorry buddy, in my post for SFATW I didn’t mention any good souvenirs!
  • harry potter quotes – This is one of my favourites – Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
  • i overread your email – Did you now? Did you really? Why would you do such a thing?!
  • i’m ran rashmi kises com – Hi ran rashmi kises com! I’m Shoto.
  • underrated weird novels – there are several! Hope you found some!
  • pros and cons of being a bibliophile – Pro: All the books! Con: All the money…
  • jane goes to high school – Good for her! Go Jane!
  • finding audrey sophie kinsellaparents tv show – how are these things even related? You need to sort out your life…
  • since you’ve been gone summary of each chapter – I don’t think I helped at all.
  • worst thing about being a bibliophile – Running out of space in your shelf. THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM.
  • books to rwad in 2015 – wll of thwm!

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