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THIS BOOK IS GREAT I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS AHHHH. This book is FANTASTIC and I took SO LONG to get to it. It was released last year for crying out loud! If you haven’t read it yet, you NEED to jump on this bandwagon ASAP. And what good timing, book 2 of the series just came out. If you need any more convincing, here are some reasons you have to read the Magnus Chase series! (Don’t worry, no spoilers!)

  1. Great writing!
  2. Great characters!
  4. Fun plot! They do a lot of crazy things and it’s a lot of fun to read.
  5. IT’S HILARIOUS. I don’t know how Rick does it but there wasn’t a page where I didn’t laugh or at least smile because Magnus is SO funny.
  6. MAGNUS IS AWESOME. Because of his dialogue and actions, he feels so real and genuine that I loved him so much. He’s the kind of person you’d want to be friends with. His narrative is very reminiscent of Percy’s but a bit more mature and relatable because he’s older.
  7. Norse mythology is very complex and fascinating. The story of this series was easier to get into than Percy Jackson but the mythology here is far more complex because there are nine worlds which is difficult to picture and there are different sub-divisions of the worlds and it’s all very complex but explained very well in this book.
  8. THE SWORD TALKS. Yes you read that right. This is a book where the sword has an actual voice and thoughts and emotions (and sings Selena Gomez songs). If that doesn’t intrigue you, I don’t know what will.
  9. Unique magic. The magic they do in this book is very different from anything I’ve ever read before. I don’t want to get into details because you should experience it for yourself.
  10. DIVERSITY! This book features a homeless main character, a deaf character, a Muslim character and a talking sword. You can’t get any more diverse than that.
  11. SO. MUCH. FALAFEL. And mentions of other foods! I got so hungry while reading this.
  12. The main character, um, dies? I know I said no spoilers and I swear this isn’t! It happens within the first few chapters and is written on the summary. I have never read of a main character who has done so much cool stuff AFTER DYING.
  13. THE GOAT HAS A THERAPIST. Yes. This book is ridiculous. Ly awesome!
  14. The chapter titles are ridiculous! It’s details like these that make Rick’s writing stand out so much more than a typical YA book.
  15. The dwarves name their furniture! They deem it important enough to be worthy of a name as their furniture is supposed to last all of eternity.
  16. A YA BOOK WITHOUT A LOVE PLOT. YES THOSE EXIST! This was so refreshing to read. I know that in Percy Jackson, Annabeth and Percy start off as friends (kind of) and then their romance blooms later so it isn’t insta love but the gang here has a more familial vibe going on. There’s also a minor detail that the female in their group Sam is betrothed 😛
  17. TAYLOR SWIFT IS A DWARF. Yes, this is a thing.
  18. Thor is not like in the movies. He’s a TV show fanatic. Like me. We can be friends!
  19. THE PJO/HoO references!!! There’s a part where Magnus says that pen swords are a stupid idea. *cough* Riptide *cough* Also, they compare a character who always passes out to Jason Grace who was useless 99% of the time because he fainted. I loved that Rick was able to make jokes like these at his own (book’s) expense. He’s such a fantastic author.
  20. Annabeth makes a cameo! Magnus and Annabeth are cousins! The Chase family are therefore linked to two ancient divine lines. Interesting. I loved seeing Magnus and Annabeth interact. Towards the end, there’s a scene where they trade life stories. Magnus bets that his will beat hers, oblivious to the fact that she’s been through a lot. That chapter is titled ‘I Lost A Bet.’

These are some reasons you should read Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer! It’s amazing and you will not regret it!



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