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Textrovert by Lindsey Summers


Goodreads summary:

It’s bad enough when high-school senior Keeley grabs the wrong phone while leaving her small town’s end-of-summer fair. It’s even worse when she discovers that the phone she now has belongs to the obnoxious, self-centered Talon and that he’s just left for football camp … with her phone. Reluctantly, the two agree to forward messages for a week. And as Keeley gets to know Talon, she starts to like him. Keeley learns there’s more to Talon than the egocentric jock most people see. There’s more to Keeley, too. Texting Talon, she can step out of the shadow of her popular twin brother. Texting Talon, she can be the person she’s always wanted to be.
Sparks fly when the two finally meet to exchange their phones. But while Keeley has been playing a part online, Talon has been keeping a secret. He has a different connection to Keeley — one that has nothing to do with phones, and one that will make their new relationship all but impossible. Knowing what she now knows, can Keeley trust him? And can love in the present erase mistakes of the past?

3.5 stars

I requested this book because it said that it was a Wattpad book that’s going to be published. Wattpad has some great stories and is an amazing platform to launch a writing career so of course, I want to support it in any way that I can. This story was originally published on Wattpad as The Cell Phone Swap. I read both the Wattpad version and this eARC before writing this review.

The story starts off on a very random note because I don’t think exchanging phones is that common but it was a unique idea of having two people meet, though slightly cheesy. A lot of their relationship develops over text. They convey messages to each other that come from their phones and also have conversations of their own. Something that bothered me which was to do with the ARC that I was sent, not the writing of the story, was that the text messages didn’t appear. I could only see solid text bubbles so that affected my reading of this story as I had no clue what they were saying to each other. I got a fair idea of the kind of texts Talon and Keeley sent each other from the Wattpad version, so that was fine, but I think the messages are slightly different in the final version. I must say, apart from the problem I had with the text message bubbles not having any text, the ARC was a lot better written the Wattpad version. The latter had too many subplots while the former was crisp and to the point.

It’s told in third person but focuses mainly on Keeley and her life. I would have preferred to see this story told in first person as we already spend a lot of time in Keeley’s mind, understanding her thought process. It would have been a bit more personal that way. Her dynamic with her twin brother Zach was really sweet, they were really close although their personalities were very different from each other. I love YA stories with siblings! Her relationship with her parents was also very sweet and I loved that they had a dog! Dogs are my kryptonite ❤

The author managed to make all the characters have a certain depth to them which made them all very unique. Everyone had a backstory, which made the cast of characters a lot more interesting. Talon had so many layers to him that the progression of the story uncovered. Zach and Talon have a history which gets partly resolved towards the end of the story. I liked that their reasons to hate each other were legitimate and not extremely random. Keeley was a fun character to read but she also stood up for herself a lot, which a lot of characters in YA contemporary fiction do not, so that was awesome. I also loved Zach and Keeley’s heartfelt discussion towards the end of the story and how they finally make attempts to really get into each other’s lives.

As I mentioned earlier, the story has a very cheesy premise but that doesn’t make it any less great. The dialogue is snarky and hilarious, the story is unique and the character relationships are so precious.


Have you read any good books on Wattpad? Have you read this one? Let me know!


5 thoughts on “Textrovert by Lindsey Summers

    1. Yes, I thought it was just my e-reader’s fault but if you had the same issue, it was a problem with the ARC. I read the Wattpad version to get somewhat of an idea about the texts, but I’m sure what is to be in the final version is very different.

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  1. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed this one, Shoto! I think this is the first I’ve seen a review for the book, and judging from what you said, it seems quite promising. I don’t think I’ve read a Wattpad story, but I’ll be interested to try, and maybe this is one I’ll start with. I also love stories with a great family/sibling relationship. 😉

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    1. Wattpad has a lot of hidden gems, underneath all the One Direction fan fics 😛 A lot of YA doesn’t have great family relationships, so this was really cool. I hope you enjoy it! 😄


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