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My Year in Books 2016

I logged on to my Goodreads page to find a box that says:


I must have missed it last year, because this is the first time I’m seeing this! Since it’s almost the end of the year, I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you My Year in Books for 2016!



I read a grand total of 81 books and 29, 326 pages! 81 books isn’t all that many for me, but I had a lot of exams and studies so I’m fine with the number 🙂 If textbooks and reference books counted, I would have read 735987509 books. Not even exaggerating.


I’m very easily pleased, as you can tell!


Wait.. Order of the Phoenix is longer than A Game of Thrones AND Clash of Kings?! WHAT.


My Harry Potter re-read this year was so satisfying, this list is just reminding me of that 😛


4.6?! This is easily a 6/5…


lol no, I’m just good at reading, but thanks for thinking otherwise, Goodreads xP


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