Weekly Updates

Weekly Recap #16: I am going insane…

Two posts in one day! I am on a roll! (Let’s not talk about the week of inactivity though :P)


I am currently in a terrible reading slump and cannot be bothered to read anything. I somehow managed to read Stars Above by Marissa Meyer, which was a decent read. Some of the novellas were definitely a lot better than others… I’m not reading anything at the moment, but I want something cute and light and fluffy because those kinds of books are the best cures for reading slumps!


I just discovered Back To Me by Lauren Jauregui and WOW IT IS AMAZING. I love her voice! ❤ I’ve also been loving this song called Touch by Nick Jonas from his Last Year Was Complicated album.


I’ve downloaded the first five episodes of Flash to binge on the day my Christmas vacation starts. The Younger season finale ended on such a cliffhanger! I’m so excited for more. I’m also excited about next week’s Project Runway finale 😀 But I’m slightly disappointed because I won’t have a show to look forward to every week anymore >.<

Movies and Trailers:

I spent all of last evening watching movie trailers and making lists of movies I want to watch! Some of them are Sing, Ballerina, The Edge of Seventeen, Table 19 and Beauty and the Beast. 

I saw X Men: First Class on TV the other day and then binged on X Men and X2 this week… Yeah, I procrastinate a lot! They were really cool though. I’m excited to see the others!


This has been one of the longest weeks of the entire year for me. On Monday, my friends and I went out for a lovely lunch and then a Starbucks. I came home to a mountain of work for my Physics practical book which I completed a bit of. On Tuesday, I spent 5 hours fixing a code and completing my Computer Science project. My group members were lovely so it was actually quite fun! On Wednesday, I was supposed to submit all my work. However, my Physics teacher left early so my work remained unsigned. Got my Chem stuff certified though! 😀 This one girl in my Physics group was absolutely useless. She did nothing for the project except pick the topic and then now she’s taking credit for the things that my other group member and I did! Ughh! Thursday was a holiday to prepare for my practicals on Friday but it was just one of those days where I didn’t feel like doing anything. Hence the movie binge I mentioned above. I watched a few practical videos which were quite helpful. On Friday, I aced my first experiment but totally messed up my second. I didn’t finish in time because my apparatus was faulty! I didn’t get to complete my calculations :/ Thankfully, these are just mock exams. Crossing my fingers for better luck in my actual practicals! I then came home, ordered a mediocre lunch that I had very high expectations of, ate a Nutella lava cake and then crashed. Because did I mention, I’d been staying up till 3 to complete all the stuff I just mentioned.

My uncle, aunt and cousin have come over to spend a week with us. In the middle of all this madness, I’m expected to entertain my 11 year old cousin who asks questions about EVERYTHING. *sigh*

I hope that was enough to forgive me for not being able to type anything up this week! I guess posting on here will be quite erratic because now my main focus is studying for my board exams which determine where I’ll be going to college. Sorry about that! 😦


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