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2017 Goals: Blogging, Reading, Personal


2016 has been such a quick year. I swear it was June just two days ago. Not a lot happened this year in my life but it was a big year in terms of academics and school. The next year will be even crazier because I have my 12th grade exams in March and then I’ll go to college (hopefully) (pray for me) I read some pretty decent books this year but very few that I blew me away. In the January, I shared my resolutions for the year and I recently wrote up a post reflecting on them. Today I want to talk about my goals for 2017 so I can start the year tomorrow with every intention of completing them all! 

Reading Goals

  • This year, I aim to read 100 books! A little far-fetched because of how hectic the first few months of the year are going to be but hey, a girl can dream, right? 😉
  • Read at least 5 non-fiction books. It’s a genre that I don’t gravitate to but when I do, I love it. So I want to read more of it.
  • Try to lessen my use of e-readers and reading on my phone and get a membership at a library again. I am probably going to go blind otherwise 😛
  • Diverse books – get to them! I totally understand why they’re important and I want to read more diversely this year. 

Blogging Goals

  • Be more regular!!! I’ve improved significantly on this regard but this year I want to be more organised. 
  • Review at least half the books I read. If not on this blog, at least summarize my thoughts on Goodreads. I like reading back my reviews and recollecting my thoughts on a particular book/series.
  • Use more graphics. I recently discovered Canva and I love how my blog is looking now! I hope to be able to incorporate more graphics. 🙂
  • Finish writing all my drafts and publish them. I have a lot. (A LOT.) This is one of my biggest goals.
  • Socialize with more people! I love interacting with people on the blogosphere and hope to do more of it this year. I want to find and follow more blogs and talk to more people. 

Personal Goals


So that’s about it! My goals for the year. Hopefully I can complete most of them if not all. Particularly, my personal goals! They’re in all caps to emphasize how badly I need to start focusing and doing well =]


What are your goals for the year? How many books do you want to read? Anything big you want to do in life this year?


4 thoughts on “2017 Goals: Blogging, Reading, Personal

  1. I think you can make it to a 100!! I hope you read some non-fiction too I don’t gravitate towards that genre as well.
    I want to read 100 books to this year, hopefully i’ll get there because junior year is crazy so far!! I don’t think I would ever be able to stop procrastinating, it is ingrained in my soul! 🙂 Happy New Year!!

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    1. Thanks for your faith in me 😛 I’m sure we’ll be able to reach a 100 if we balance reading and academics well (but my life has no balance xD) Best of luck for your junior year! And happy new year!! 😀

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