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Weekly Recap #18: I hate 2017 already…

Hi guys! The first week of the year is over! 51 to go xD


I set my Goodreads reading goal for 100 books so wish me luck! This week, I finished Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Walsh (review) and Just a Normal Tuesday by Kim Turrisi. I’m done with The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner and I really loved it! I also got approved for In The Hope of Memories by Olivia Rivers and it’s really interesting so far.

I requested Noteworthy by Riley Redgate on NetGalley because I loved her debut Seven Ways We Lie. Hoping I get approved for it!


NEW ED SHEERAN MUSIC!!! I LOVE HIM. You need to hear it if you haven’t. I’m in love with Shape of You by him.


I finished season 4 of Pretty Little Liars and it’s so good! I forgot how epic the season finales used to be! I watched the first episode of Arrow after finishing Flash. I didn’t love it, but I’ll give it some more time. Also, Shadowhunters season 2 came out….yeah. I think I’m going to do an entire blog post dedicated to that hot mess xD It was still a lot better than the first season, but nothing on the books. READ THE BOOKS PEOPLE. THEY WON’T DISAPPOINT.


My life has been pretty terrible this week. >.< I have my prelim exams and they’re not going too great so far. I’ve been really stressed about college and admissions for next year and for some reason, I just couldn’t focus on my studies. :/

Also, random little update: I’m #44 reviewer in India on Goodreads . WHAT. :O This is so cool. 😀



This week, I posted:


How was your week? Are you enjoying 2017 so far? How many books do you want to read this year?


4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap #18: I hate 2017 already…

    1. If you have nothing else to do, you might as well. It’s not great. (At all.) I kept waiting for it to be at least half as awesome as the books but, um, nope that didn’t happen… >.<


  1. YES TO NEW ED SHEERAN MUSIC!!!! Haha I loved Castle on the Hill more, it makes me so nostalgic I don’t even know why 😭😭 Also, yes, prelims are killing me too 😴 And why do they have to postpone the boards 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know what you mean, Castle On The Hill made me want to drive back home in the country lanes but then I was like… I still live at home what is wrong with me 😂
      Prelims are deathhh. Postponing is good, I’m so not prepared 😂 At least you’ve got your timetable, we just get tentative dates in the paper daily and people saying it’s postponed or it’s not. 😓 Why did I take CBSE 😭

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