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Diversity Bingo 2017 TBR

One of my reading resolutions this year was to read more diversely. Cultural representation in books is very important as it’s one of the easiest methods of bringing people closer and helping us understand people from different backgrounds. In order to diversify my reading this year, I am taking part in the Diversity Bingo 2017, hosted by Aimal @ Bookshelves and Paperbacks and other bloggers. Each box has a theme which covers a certain minority. This is the post where she announced it and gave all the details on how to participate so do check it out!


This is my TBR. I hope to read most, if not all, of these books by the end of the year!


It took me a while to pick the books for each category but overall, I think I did pretty okay. Though it was recommended to pick Own Voices books, there were several for which I couldn’t find one that I want to read. The only category I couldn’t find a book for was a pansexual main character. Instead, I’ve put a bisexual MC, but I’ll update this list if I find one.

I encourage you all to participate as well because this is a really good way to get you to read a lot of diverse books!


Do you have any recommendations for a book with a pansexual main character?

Where are you from and what is your favourite book set in your country? I’m really interested to know!


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